There is no risk of addiction or dependency when taking probiotics. It is completely safe to take probiotics on a long-term basis without causing dependency or addiction.

Dependency refers to the state of relying on a substance. In terms of natural supplements some people worry that when taking food supplements the body will get used to supplementation and will stop producing its own vitamins and minerals, thereby becoming dependent on the food supplements and needing more in order to properly function. With certain vitamins and digestive enzymes there is an argument that the body will stop producing its own if supplementation continues for a long time. However, the adult body does not produce its own probiotics (rather we form our gut bacteria at a very young age), and hence cannot become dependent on probiotic supplementation. This is why many people (especially those of older generations) find it so important to top up the body's good bacteria with a reliable probiotic supplement.

Addiction refers to the state of being physiologically dependent on a substance; addictive substances change the brain's chemistry. Probiotics are natural food supplements and not medicines or drugs. The OptiBac Probiotics range contains only a few natural excipients, none of which are addictive. Customers may fall in love with OptiBac Probiotics and feel better taking them, but they are not chemically addictive!

For further information, see Is it possible to overdose on probiotics? Or Can I take two OptiBac products at a time?

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