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'For travelling abroad' from OptiBac Probiotics is the ideal supplement for travel. With species such as L. acidophilus and S. boulardii this, like the rest of the range, does not require refrigeration.

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  • Took these as instructed when visiting Taba in Egypt.

  • Best Holiday ever! 660 holiday makers were sick and .......(really sorry for them) My family and i take the capsules as ,direction prescribed , and we was just Perfectly healthy. Today is the last capsule to be taken. Thank you so much Very very recommend and we will use next year again Thank you Thank you

  • Brilliant, both me and my girlfriend used them travelling around India and Sri Lanka and were absolutely fine the whole way round, completely unheard of! Recommending them to everyone I speak to that goes travelling in such countries.

  • I used Optibac whilst travelling around India and had absolutely no problems while I was there. I will definitely be using Optibac when travelling in future.

  • We use these probiotics on every non European holiday and have never been ill. We also give them to our son, he started taking them when he was six. He was too young to swallow the capsule but this doesn't matter as you can simply split them in half and add the powder to yoghurt or jam, it mixes in just fine and is tasteless. On our last trip to Mexico my son drank straight from the tap on one occasion and had no ill effects.

  • Having done the research I purchased enough Optibac travel for my 5 weeks backpacking around India. Having read the obvious warnings about Delhi belly, I did not want my experience spoiling, especially as I would be doing allot of travelling around on buses with no facilities. !! During the 5 weeks I did not experience any misfortunes of any type and put this down to the excellent travel pro-biotics. I only ate food from the street stalls and those cooked on the side of the pavement, so to have no ill effects was a real bonus. In fact I did not meet anyone who did not have some sort of stomach upset. To say I promoted Optibac to fellow travellers and my UK based friends is an understatement. I would 100% recommend this product for people travelling.

  • Took these whilst in Colombia for a month, suffered stomach issues on virtually all previous holidays, but was totally fine with these, we're labelled Travla but I believe are the same. Off to Egypt soon and will def be taking these with me.

  • I used this product when trekking through Nepal. Immediately on leaving Kathmandu I started vomiting violently for 48 hours, though I did not develop diarrhoea with it. On getting back to Kathmandu 3 weeks later I picked up what is known as 'C Coli' and was very ill for a fortnight on my return including continuous nausea and fevers. So I have no idea if the product helped or not. However my GP was extremely mystified as to why I did not develop any diarrhoea with the 'C Coli' as this is one of the most usual symptoms.

  • Took these as instructed when visiting Taba in Egypt. Lots of people came down with horrible stomach bugs but we had a fantastic time with no problems what so ever, very impressed

  • This is a must have product if you travel abroad & are anxious about travellers stomach issues.. I recently travelled to India to work for a few weeks and as instructed took this product before, during and after my trip. I was part of a group of 6 and both relieved and grateful to say that I was the only one who had no stomach troubles at all, not once for the whole trip. This will now always be on my list for future trips outside the UK.