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Developed just for women, these extensively researched strains are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.

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  • Having suffered from cystitis for some time, and using repeated antibiotics, I wanted to try a more natural alternative.
    After taking 'For women' for around 4-5 months on a maintenance dose of 1 capsule, I haven't had any problems since, and recent tests revealed I was free of infection. This product has changed my life!
    I'd also like to add that the staff at this company are extremely helpful.

    West Sussex
  • I couldn't recommend these enough! I was first put on to them by a health shop as I would get recurrent cystitis and BV. I have been using them for over a year now and have found that I have not had a case of cystitis or BV once, even in the cold winter months when it would be more prevalent.

    Highly recommend!

  • As a postmenopausal woman I have coped well with most things but frequent UTIs and vaginal dryness have been a real issue. Following my own reading (doctors only suggest cranberry tablets and these can be quite acidic) I have found that these probiotics have helped a lot. In fact, I got my first UTI again when I ran out of them. I am not sure if they help with vaginal dryness but they certainly have improved the burning and uncomfortable feelings in this area.

  • I started using OptiBac probiotics For Women (intimate health) as it was recommended by my consultant to ease the symptoms of my reoccurring thrush and cystitis. I have tried many different treatments and unfortunately, none of them worked in the long run so far. I am pleased to report that since I have been using Optibac on a regular basis, recently on a cyclical basis (2 weeks before my period) my discharge discontinued and the frequency of cystitis is lower, though it is not completely over.

  • I took the contraceptive pill for a good few years, then started getting cystitis. I used to get it once or twice a month and went to the doctors every time. I would be given a prescription for a week-long course of antibiotics every time. They eventually stopped working. I got a cystoscope because they thought that perhaps I wasn't normally arranged inside. I then got put on a year-long course of low dose antibiotics, changing evey 3 month to avoid resistance. I would still get it about once every 2 months and got it again a couple of weeks after finishing the year of antibiotics.
    I then took matters into my own hands, trying to work out what on earth was happening to me.
    I stopped the pill and things got worse but it felt like the right thing to do so I persisted. I tried all sorts of other ideas (including modifying my diet which I have stuck to) but eventually got told 'perhaps you need probiotics' by a lovely lady at the whole foods shop in Letchworth (Fair Haven). She was right! I took the 'for woman' one at first, no sign of cystitis. I then moved onto the everyday one and took 1 religiously every morning for about 8 months. No cystitis!!! Then I stopped taking them thinking, well, I'm feeling great so maybe I don't need them anymore... After 2 month of stopping them, I now have cystitis again.
    They are obviously key in managing things down there and I won't be making that same mistake again!
    Apologies for the essay... Lady problems are complicated!

  • I have suffered with thrush for over 2years. You name it, I have taken it or used it. under care of hospital for the past 6months I have even used two products that are not licensed it this country - they worked until I stop using them back came the thrush.
    My doctor told me to try the For Women I cannot praise this enough I have taken it for seven weeks went to hospital last week and was told the thrush had gone. I can only put it down to the For Women.
    I shall continue to take this for the rest of my life. Anyone suffering as I did please try these. Don't expect them to work immediately keep going you will achieve the results I did after 3/4 weeks. Thank you Kerry for your help.

  • I have been a big fan of Optibac probiotics for many years but only recently used the Optibac For Women after developing symptoms caused through a necessary course of antibiotics which I normally avoid like the plague. After going through the normal channels without success I tried these and have to say that they are incredible and worked within a few days to completely clear up the situation, so much so that I will continue to use on a regular basis.

  • First I took 1 tablet a day for a couple of days which did not make a difference for vaginal dryness. Then I raised the dosage for 2 tablets a day and I had the tablets in the middle of my breakfast. After a couple of days it started working and it did change my life! Amazing product!

  • OMG ! These have saved my life ! I don't normally write reviews - in fact this is my first ever but I HAVE to recommend these to all women suffering from thrush/cystisis! After a couple of years of painful recurrent bouts of thrush / non bacterial cystitis and seeing countless GP's, a consultant urologist and consultant gynaecologist, (both of whom did extensive testing and couldn't find anything wrong), a friend told me about these. They took a month or so to work but touch wood I have been much much better since. THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING LIFE CHANGING PRODUCT !! I can now sit down and wear knickers again !!

  • I highly recommend OptiBac probiotics for women. At first I took 2 tablets a day, but now I take 1 tablet a day. I bought these from Linda, Quality Health Foods, 3 Westminster Arcade, Harrogate.