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For babies & children
(For your child's health)

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High quality, well-researched live cultures from OptiBac Probiotics, for babies & children. This natural supplement contains L. acidophilus, with Bifidobacterium infantis & bifidum - the dominant cultures in healthy infants & kids. Contains no added sugar or flavourings.

What's it for?

A natural supplement from OptiBac Probiotics, for infants and children.

Who's it for?

For infants & children from birth to 12 years, and for pregnant & breastfeeding women.

Each sachet provides

3 billion live cultures + 0.75g of FOS fibres, guaranteed until end of expiry.

OptiBac Probiotics 'For babies & children'

From birth onwards, 'For babies & children' (For your child's health) from OptiBac Probiotics can be given as a natural supplement.

Having an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut is thought to cause issues in digestion and immunity for infans and children, in particular in:

  • Formula-fed babies
  • Babies, infants & children during and after antibiotics
  • Infants delivered by Caesarean section
  • Premature infants
  • Babies and children with digestive problems such as colic, diarrhoea, constipation and lactose intolerance
  • Babies & children with allergies and skin irritations such as eczema

Children given antibiotics may develop an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines, as antibiotics can deplete normal levels of good bacteria. An imbalance in the gut is thought by many to manifest in the form of allergies and digestive problems in children.

OptiBac Probiotics 'For babies & children' (For your child's health) is a natural supplement, and is completely free from sugars, artificial flavours & colourings which can be found in other children's supplements containing live cultures.  

At OptiBac Probiotics we specialise entirely in live cultures, and only use strains of the highest quality, with extensive research behind them.

More about 'For babies & children'

The types of natural bacteria that reside in an infant's or child's intestines are very different from the types found in adulthood. Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium bifidum are the dominant and most important beneficial cultures found in healthy infants and children during their early years; this product contains both of these bacteria, in strains which have been tested to survive stomach acidity and bile salts. 

This supplement contains a third type of natural bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, which has been scientifically shown to survive stomach acidity and to reach the gut alive.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), makes this product naturally high in fibre.  

At OptiBac Probiotics we appreciate the importance of using various species and strains of natural bacteria - these three strains will target different areas of the gut as opposed to just one.

Sachets are enclosed in 3 layer laminated sachets for maximum protection against heat and humidity.

See Scientific Research on OptiBac Probiotics For babies & children our find out more about our strains.

Bifidobacterium infantis Rosell-33
Bifidobacterium infantis Rosell-33

For mothers

Pregnant and nursing mothers can take 'For babies & children' (For your child's health) during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this may help to support levels of the ideal types of natural bacteria for their baby.
At the time of birth, a mother passes her natural bacteria to the baby during the birthing process. As the baby passes through the birth canal, it 'swallows' bacteria from the mother, and this is thought to act as a natural booster for the child's immunity and general wellbeing. Pregnant women expecting a Cesearean birth may safely take OptiBac Probiotics 'For babies & children' during pregnancy. 

Following birth, the infant's microflora is influenced by diet (breast milk or formula), environment, and medicines such as antibiotics. The natural development of Bifidobacteria in infants is favoured by breast-feeding; studies have found higher concentrations of Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium bifidum in breast-fed infants as opposed to babies bottle-fed with formulas. Many nursing mothers take 'For babies & children' while breastfeeding.

More about OptiBac Probiotics 

Did you know, we are a family business in more ways than one.  The UK company was founded by a father and his three children who continue to work together, and is home to more families - even spanning three generations with our sales star Annie and her grandson Jacob!  So who better to make supplements for your family?  This product contains carefully selected natural bacteria and fibre especially for your children.  Tummy-tastic. 

Please note: As of January 2014, For your child's health has changed name to 'For babies & children' in the EU. The ingredients remain the same.


'For babies & children' (For your child's health) can easily be mixed with your child's favourite cold foods or beverages.  This OptiBac Probiotics supplement can be taken with formula milk when it is at room temperature, but not when warmed (as heat reduces the viability of natural bacteria.)

Take as following, or as professionally directed:

  • Infants from birth to 12 months: one sachet per day.
  • Children 12 months and above: one to two sachets per day, as desired.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers: one sachet per day.
  • Adults & children should ideally drink plenty of water during a course of live cultures.
  • Best taken with a meal, preferably with breakfast. 
  • OptiBac Probiotics will not cause dependency, and can safely be taken on an ongoing basis.


It is not recommended to give live cultures to patients who: are severely immunosuppressed, have pancreatitis, are in the Intensive Care Unit, have blood in the stool, have central venous catheters; or to post-surgical patients with open wounds, or infants with short bowel syndrome; unless under a doctor's care.

Full Ingredients

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS); Filler: potato starch; Live probiotic cultures (Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, Bifidobacterium infantis Rosell-33, Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71).

Each sachet guarantees 3 billion micro-organisms + 0.75g prebiotic fibres.


Like the rest of the OptiBac Probiotics range, this does not require refrigeration. 

Store in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight.

  • Vegetarian
  • No added sugars
  • Gluten free
  • Yeast free
  • Free from artificial colours
  • Flavourless
  • Suitable for pregnancy
  • FOS fibres
  • Natural bacteria

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Customer Reviews — 25 Reviews

  • Posted by Carla (Scotland) 2 months ago

    5 stars

    "Really impressed with this product as it has helped clear up my little boy's eczema. I have used it in conjunction with giving him flaxseed oil twice a day and natural baby cream. After searching for a product/combination of products that could help him, I have finally found something. I so didn't want to go down the steroid cream route and now wish I had taken before and after pictures. Improvements were seen within a week. Touch wood this continues so thank you Optibac!"

  • Posted by Jen (Chester, United Kingdom) 2 months ago

    5 stars

    "I bought these for my 2 week old son, who was very colicky and passing lots of wind. He would writhe about screaming and his tummy felt hard. We are now one week into using the probiotics...he has it from an oral syringe mixed with a little breast milk every morning, and the difference is amazing, much less wind, nice soft tummy and no more writhing and screaming. Every new baby should come with a box of probiotics!! I have five children and used infacol, gripe water, colief etc in the past and nothing works like this!!"

  • Posted by Danielle (Hampshire) 4 months ago

    5 stars

    "Just 4 days of Optibac Probiotics for children and I have noticed a marked improvement in my young twins skin (22 months old). They both suffer from eczema and I didn't want to go down the route of sterio... Read More »"

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