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'For your cholesterol' is a natural supplement with live cultures and omega 3 especially to help you maintain normal cholesterol levels. This extensively researched supplement is safe to take on an ongoing basis and is free from side effects associated with cholesterol lowering medication. 'For your cholesterol' contains 30 + 30 capsules.

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  • I'd been getting awful side effects from taking statins - muscle aches etc. so my wife read about OptiBac For your cholesterol and i gave it a try.
    I took them for three months and my cholesterol dropped right down. My doctor said 'I don't know what you're doing but carry on doing it!' and took me completely off the statins!!
    I now take the OptiBac cholesterol religiously and wouldn't be without them!

  • I started taking statins but found they caused sleeping problems. OptiBac was recommended and I have had no problems since.


    TC - 5.4


    TC - 3.2

  • Tried this after being on statins for 3 years - the results speak for themselves!

    Date of measurement - 28/9/15

    TC - 3.9
    LDL - 1.5
    HDL - 1.2

    After 3mths on 'For your cholesterol'

    Date of measurement - 15/12/15

    TC - 3.3
    LDL - 1.24
    HDL - 1.28

    No negative effects experienced!

  • Pleased!

    Results of tests after including OptiBac 'For your cholesterol' in cholesterol-reducing programme.

    31/5/15 – first visit to GP, results of non-fasting blood test:
    Total cholesterol – 10.5
    HDL – 2.1
    Serum chol/HDL – 5.0

    12/5/15 –Fasting blood test after starting OptiBac For your cholesterol, reducing carbs, upping coconut oil.
    Total cholesterol – 10.6
    HDL – 2.6
    Serum chol/HDL – 2.5

    3/7/15 – Fasting blood test after ongoing OptiBac, coconut oil, reduced carbs, herbs and homeopathy:
    Total cholesterol - 9.6
    HDL – 2.5
    Serum chol/HDL – 3.8

    Positive results:

    Total cholesterol – 9% reduction in second 7 weeks
    HDL – Up by 24% in first 5 weeks, 19% in 13 weeks
    Serum chol/HDL – Down by 18% in furst 5 weeks, 24% in 13 weeks.

  • Took this product for 3 months - cholesterol readings at the start were as follows:
    TC: 6.2
    LDL: 3.65
    HDL: 1.1

    Saw significant reduction in cholesterol after taking the product daily for 3 months:
    TC: 4.5
    LDL: 2.42
    HDL: 1.1

  • I have been taking “For Your Cholestrol” for 4 months. I had my cholesterol checked just before I started taking this product which was 5.7. I had it checked again recently and I was pleased to see that my cholesterol level has dropped to 4.8. Not only cholesterol level dropped but my digestion also got better. I will carry on taking “For Your Cholesterol”.

  • I have had high cholesterol for years, but it rocketed recently to 9.1. I definitely didn't want to go down the statin route, so I decided to take For your Cholesterol and to make some dietary changes. My blood test has just come back, and after four months my level is down to 7.1. I have now placed a repeat order, and hope my levels come down even further in future. I am delighted!

  • I was supposed to be on statins following my doctor's advice (my cholesterol reading was 6.8 mmol/L) but I knew I didn't want to go down that route, mainly due to all the adverse side effects I hear from others. I was looking for an effective alternative that would work naturally and avoid these, and I was recommended OptiBac Probiotics For your cholesterol.
    I took this product daily for 3 months as initially recommended, and no other lifestyle factors changed. I had my levels checked again after this period and I am very pleased with the results. I am now at 6.3 mm/L and will continue to take it. I am very positive I can get to 5mmol/L or below.
    I also work part-time in a health shop and have every intention of recommending this to my friends and customers alike.

  • When I learned about my high cholesterol reading, I changed my diet - reduced saturated fat and sugar, I also took natural supplements, liver cleansing herbs and garlic, and OptiBac For your cholesterol.
    My original cholesterol measurement was 8.1. I began to take the product in February 2014, and by April 2014 my cholesterol had dropped to 6.32.
    My doctor was very pleased with the drop in my cholesterol and I will keep taking this supplement to get even better results.

  • I had high cholesterol (6.8mm/l) but did not want to take any medication.
    I took OptiBac Probiotics 'For your cholesterol' daily for 3-4 months from May 2014 until the middle of September 2014.
    At the end of the course, my cholesterol measurement had gone down to 3.28mm/l!
    I feel like a newborn person - it was the best thing that happened to me to take OptiBac Probiotics.
    I will recommend them to all of my friends and family.