Get a feel for OptiBac Probiotics, the UK's best-selling range of probiotics.

Who we are

The OptiBac Probiotics Family

Find out about Wren Laboratories Ltd, the UK based family-run business which created OptiBac Probiotics.

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What we do

The full OptiBac Probiotics range of supplements

We're the experts in bacteria & live cultures, because that's all we do. Find out how we compare :

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Further Information

  • Our Values

    A guide to the OptiBac Probiotics ethos. Focusing on your health, the environment, and corporate & social responsibility.
  • Why OptiBac Probiotics?

    Why to choose OptiBac Probiotics over other probiotic & prebiotic supplements. Go on, hear us out!
  • Our Probiotic Strains

    We believe specific probiotic strains should be used for specific conditions. Find out which ones we use and why.
  • Stockist Locator

    Find out where you can buy OptiBac Probiotics in store in the UK.
  • Customer Reviews

    Find out what other people think about OptiBac Probiotics. All our reviews are independently collected via an external review website.
  • Our new product names

    We changed some of product names throughout 2013 and 2014. Find out what we changed and why.
  • Careers

    Browse our vacancies and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know when we're hiring.