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  • Very pleased with the service this …

    Very pleased with the service this company provides,they are extremely helpful,polite and the products are reasonably priced and arrived quickly no problems.i had previously tried to order these capsules from two other companies but they never arrived.i would definitely recommend.

    Verified Customer
  • Excellent products

    excellent products, company and service. :)

    Verified Customer
  • The products are of a high quality

    The products are of a high quality, with descriptions online to guide the correct purchase. Delivery is quick and efficient and I have never had anything to cause concern.

    Verified Customer
  • Great product

    Pleased with products

    Verified Customer
  • Quite expensive products!

    Quite expensive products!
    Also can't register so each time I purchase have to RE enter payment details all the time !

    Verified Customer
  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Dear Samantha,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback.

    I'm sorry that you feel our products are expensive; however, we're constantly reviewing all aspects of our range, taking into account the quality and viability of the products, and trying to balance this with value and affordability. Overall, we feel that it is most important to offer quality strains which remain viable until the date of expiry; therefore we only use strains of probiotics that have been extensively laboratory tested and clinically researched. Consequently our range is supported by the results of around 160 finished product human clinical trials, more than any other brand available in the UK, and in order to ensure that these probiotic strains remain effective right up until the date of expiry, we house them in 'state-of-the-art' packaging to keep them fresh and stable throughout their very long shelf lives.
    Taking all of this into account, we are happy that the retail price is very competitive and compares favourably to other products in the marketplace, and I hope this helps to explain a little more about the costs involved in producing a top quality product.

    Additionally, we do offer some of the products in larger sizes for those who use them regularly, and these packs work out to be even more cost-effective.

    Regarding our ordering process: actually, you can register and create a password-protected customer account very easily, and save a payment card securely onto your account. You can also set up a monthly subscription if you order the same products regularly, and then you don't have to bother placing an order at all - the products will just be delivered to your door each month. I will write to you directly with instructions on how to set up an account and/or a subscription.

    I hope that this information helps to improve your purchasing experience, and to reassure you that we are keen to maintain the highest possible standards of products and service at a reasonable cost.

    With thanks again for your feedback,

    Kerry Beeson BSc (Nut.Med.) Nutritional Therapist
    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor
    OptiBac Probiotics

  • Cured IBS-D

    After taking Optibac for a week, my mild IBS-D went away completely and I no longer need to consider a low FODMAP diet. I have low fibre foods and now take a probiotic when I need to... it's so good not to have digestive issues any more.

    Verified Customer
  • Brilliant Product

    Will keep using this product - it makes a big difference & helps to keep me well.

    Verified Customer
  • Waste of money

    Makes no different! Waste of money

    Verified Customer
  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Dear Rehab,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your review.

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    I’m sorry that the product didn't live up to your expectations.
    Most people find that it's a very useful part of their health regime, in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, but as these are food supplements and not medications, we can't make any guarantees as to their performance.

    We often find, however, that after a quick chat with one of our nutrition team, we can make some helpful recommendations to ensure that you achieve the best results from using our range of products. We're always happy to provide advice, and to help you choose the supplement that is best for your needs.

    I'll contact you directly to discuss your experience in more detail, and to try and see what we can do to improve your experience.

    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments, as we appreciate all feedback.

    with kind regards,

    Kerry Beeson BSc (Nut.Med.) Nutritional Therapist
    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor
    OptiBac Probiotics

  • A bit confused

    The overall online order and shipping was really well organised! I received my package on time with no issues whatsoever:)
    I bought 2 types of Probiotics and I find the packaging missing the benefits of each probiotic you buy. There is no explainatio … Read More

    Verified Customer
  • Pleased with product and service.

    Pleased with product and service.

    Verified Customer
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  • As a nutritionist I have been prescribing Optibac Bowel calm to a number of my IBS patients lately and it has proven very successful as a treatment for chronic diarrhoea so I'm delighted with this product and very interested in testing out other products in the future

  • Having suffered with IBS since I was a teenager (approx 30 years) I have tried everything to try and get it under control. Over the last seven months it has worsened, possibly due to stress of two house moves, a relocation and a new job. On the worst days I have been unable to leave the house for fear of not being near a toilet. I read up on probiotics again (I had tried them before but with not much success) and discovered your website. So I thought I'd give them another go and ordered the Bowel Calm and the Daily Wellbeing Extra. What can I say? I am absolutely amazed. They arrived on Friday, on Sunday my husband and I went for a 6 mile walk, something that hasn't been possible for months. I am so glad I have found these products, they really are starting to put an end to years of misery! Thank you.

  • I gave my 6 month old girl Optibac Probiotics for her severe eczema. She had already had two infections and two courses of antibiotics at 4 months and 5/6 months but the second course was taken with probiotics and she has not had a skin infection ever since. Considering the severity of her eczema (two GPs saying it was the worst case they'd seen) this is amazing. She is now 1 and still taking daily sachets of Optibac, her eczema is clear (also thanks to the right steroid cream I should add) and I cannot thank them enough. She is also never ill (touch wood) despite her 4 year old big sister bringing home various preschool bugs. Her immune system has been given the boost it needed and then some - I recommend Optibac to everyone, they think I must be on commission! Thank you once again, and especially thank you to Steve Payne who recommended them in the first place and even purchased our first sachets for us. So grateful.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Thanks for the review Katie, we'll be sure to pass the message onto Steve.

  • My husband and I have used several of Optibac's excellent products. We can recommend Bowel Calm and Well being in particular for helping to keep your digestive system on the right track. I've also taken the Extra Strength versions from time to time when a harder hit of probiotics is needed. We all suffer from an upset tum from time to time, and I've found that taking this great product can nip it in the bud. Things are usually back to normal within two or three days. These are excellent products with an excellent team of advisors behind them. Recommended to one and all.

  • After a course of tablets from my doctor I began suffering from diahorrea to the extent i was worried i had IBS. A friend who promotes organic foods "a little too much" recommended probiotics. After the second tablet of the extra strength ones my bowel movements were back to normal. I claimed co-incidence until 6 months later it cured the same problem again. I am a chartered engineer and not taken in by gimmick tablets. I hate to say it I now swear by these tablets

  • Two of us took them as prescribed and had no problems while in China. 3 days after stopping them I got stomach cramps, lasting for over a week. I later found out that this happened to my friend as well. I wonder to what degree they take over the system and whether there should be a gradual winding down of them.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Hi Dave, were you taking the travel probiotic? I must say that this feedback is completely unprecedented. Generally speaking there is no need to 'wind down' after probiotics, and they certainly should not cause stomach cramps. If you would like to discuss further please call us, 01264 339 770, perhaps we can offer you a different product to try next time. Warm regards, Soraya

  • after years of holiday tummy every time i travelled away from home i tried travla. we holidayed in india & i ate salads,fruit, seafood & everything your recommended to avoid, i have to say my tummy has never been more settled & i felt generally better all round.

  • I also wish these products were available in Australia, but I am happy to order on line to receive them from you. Thanks.

  • Your website is an inspiration, easy to navigate and love the 'latest news' giving up-to-date findings on trials and research. Thank you so very much

  • I am very pleased with your products. I have always had a 'nervous' stomach to go along with asthma and later in life horrible eczema. Many years ago I got serious poisoning from of all things bad potatoes, and since then my life has been truly wrecked by being so ill. I must have ingested kilos of lotomil and loperamide. Even though I do drink litres of water enthusiastically I very often would be in a horrible state of dehydration. Everything seems to get me, many foods, stress and worst of all I have a bad allergy to aspirin and salicylates which is very difficult to get around as they're everywhere. ...I had heard that this probiotic range is good and I just went for it. I really don't buy into the drinks as being that helpful but the information about the products on your website gave me hope. I bought the For daily wellbeing, the For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength, and For bowel calm. I have taken the EXTRA Strength and the bowel calm so far and am almost euphoric! I am very much looking forward to the new regularity product as it gives me a feeling of saftey to have products I can use if there's an emergency and the extra strength, bowel calm and regularity products should keep even a nervous Nelly like me happy. I feel so good after what was an awful weekend and I just can't stop smiling. ..Thanks for the excellent backup as well as the products. Kean.

  • I really love OptiBac and I really miss it here. There are no substitutes which could compare to it in Australia.

  • My healing practitioner Gabriele A. Franklin recommended to me all kinds of OptiBac products a long time ago. For the last 4 years they have become a firm fixture of every day and I'm satisfied with your high quality products. When I hear about friends on antibiotics, OptiBac's the first word leaving my mouth ;)

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