At OptiBac Probiotics we specialise entirely in probiotic supplements, and our range includes some of the most researched probiotic strains in the world.

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Quality Products

Research on probiotics continues to show that different strains (types) have different beneficial effects on the body. At OptiBac Probiotics we recognise this, and use well researched strains that have been scientifically tested for their specific health benefits. This way, our range of 12 probiotic supplements is sure to offer you a tailored supplement that you can trust.

At OptiBac Probiotics we only use well-researched strains of the highest quality. You can find out more about strains here, or read about our clinical trials - which are second to none on the UK market.

As well as clinical trials, all of our probiotic strains undergo rigorous tests to ensure their ability to survive at room temperature, and to survive stomach acidity.

We promise you:

  • No need to refrigerate
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavourings
  • Significant clinical research & documentation on our strains
  • Survival through stomach acidity
  • Number of live probiotics guaranteed until expiry.

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See what other, genuine customers have to say

We're always happy to boast about our research (as there is plenty of it!) and you can follow the links above to read more about it. But at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. We're very proud of the excellent reviews from our customers, and collect hundreds more every month, from happy and impressed customers. Read the reviews here, or find out how we collect reviews.

To find out more about what sets our brand and products apart, as well as to better understand the importance of specific strains, watch this 4 minute video of our director Jalal talking to natural health guru Janey Lee Grace.

Caring Company

At OptiBac Probiotics we care! First and foremost, about your health. Our supplements are designed specifically for your health needs, in capsules or sachets, with no unnecessary additives, and with as much research as possible.

We care about the environment. We make the efforts to use recyclable materials wherever possible, little packaging, as well as employing eco-friendly practices in the workplace.

We care about your bank balance. Once you look at the strength & quality of our strains, we hope you will agree that the OptiBac Probiotics range offers you fantastic value for money.

We care about the wider world. We support a number of charities with our work, and in March 2015 donated £6000 to international women's rights charity, Womankind Worldwide, through sales of our newest supplement, OptiBac Probiotics For women.

For more information on our ethical philosophy, and to find out more about our charitable donations, see Our Values.

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