Our ‘For women’ product is doing more than just pleasing our female customers – through our partnership with the wonderful ‘Womankind Worldwide, it's also making a massive and sometimes life-changing difference to women worldwide.

For every pack of ‘For women’ sold since the partnership with Womankind was formed a year ago, OptiBac Probiotics has donated between 20-30p for every unit sold of our ‘For women’ product. Back in March, we were delighted to announce that we’d raised a total of £6050.70 for this inspiring charity, and now we are even happier to announce that, thanks to our loyal female customers and the success of our latest product, we've been able to donate a further £9050.00 to Womankind, increasing the total amount donated this year to a whopping £15,100.70.

How are the funds helping women: WHR, Nepal

This fantastic donation will enable Womankind to continue helping more women around the globe. The charity aims to promote awareness of women's rights around the world, which it does by collaborating with partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.Their mission statement is essentially to try and improve the quality of life for women in all cultures, providing them with protection from violence and a voice in their communities. Partnering with local organisations allows them to gain an understanding of the unique and individual needs and issues in each area.

“We are delighted to see Womankind’s partnership with OptiBac Probiotics flourish over the last year. Thank you so much to all the staff, customers and retailers for this generous donation to transform the lives of women and girls around the world.” Disha Sughand, Head of Fundraising & Marketing, Womankind Worldwide.
One of Womankind's partner organisations is Women for Human Rights (WHR) in Nepal.Womankind has been working with WHR since 2010, to empower widowed women in Kathmandu to leave violent or abusive situations, to know their rights and to gain financial independence. In Nepal when a woman becomes a widow – as well as dealing with the pain of her loss – she faces discrimination, violence and often, exclusion from society. Widows are perceived as ‘bad omens’ by Nepalese society, and can even be accused of causing their husband’s death.Thankfully, organisations like WHR are working hard to prevent such discrimination, and to help widows rebuild their lives again in safety.

One of WHR's success stories is 34 year old Vishnu who, after an arranged marriage at the age of 20 to a man from the Nepalese army, was widowed when he later died in conflict.
After his death, Vishnu and their son were left at the mercy of her in-laws, who treated her very badly. Vishnu bore this awful treatment for two long years, though it almost drove her to suicide, but she knew she had to carry on and take care of her son. Thankfully, with the help of her family she was finally able to leave her in-laws, and it was then she learnt about Womankind’s partner WHR through the radio.
Vishnu, a Womankind success story

At WHR’s safe shelter, women like Vishnu receive immediate medical care, legal advice and also skills training such as tailoring and candle-making, so they don’t have to return to violent families but instead can begin to support themselves. WHR also set up Single Women’s Groups in more rural areas so women can come together, learn about their rights and set up savings and loans schemes for women to establish their own businesses.

“Meeting other single women who have also suffered like me reassures me that I am not alone. After the counselling and training I received from WHR I now feel strong and independent.” said Vishnu, a WHR success story, and now a member of their organisation.
Let’s hope that we can continue to support Womankind and their partner organisations around the world, and help them to create more positive change for women like Vishnu. We wish her all the very best for the future.
It's heart-warming to see how the sales of a product that is reported to be changing the lives of our female customers (read the amazing reviews of 'For women') is also helping to change women's lives around the world.

Even in today’s relatively enlightened times, women’s rights are still sadly neglected, and this even includes women’s health issues. Until quite recently, female subjects were rarely used in medical research and the resulting data was not altered to allow for sex and gender differences. ‘Women’s troubles’ were accepted as a cross that the female population just had to bear, and some women's health issues have been largely ignored for decades. Many women have suffered unpleasant vaginal symptoms in silence, either through embarrassment, ignorance, or the lack of available and viable and accessible solution to their genito-urinary health. Since the launch of 'For women', we are doing our best to change this situation, by raising awareness of female intimate health, and offering women everywhere a feminine health product that they can easily source.

Why Womankind?

To read more about our ongoing partnership, please take a look at our article OptiBac & Womankind Worldwide Partnership.

A big thanks to you

So, the partnership between ‘For women’ and the charity Womankind is a match made in heaven - it's a win-win situation for women all over the world who may benefit in some way from both the use and sales of the product. We're so proud to be involved in such a positive union, but we don’t forget that none of this would have been possible without the wonderful women who have bought this ground-breaking supplement. So a big, big Thank You to all of you - we could never have imagined how successful the product was going to be, but we're delighted. So let's all celebrate, and join us in spreading awareness of women's rights and women's health issues by spreading the word about 'For women'. And don't forget that, for every pack you purchase, you're helping to support brave women all around the globe.
'For women', our latest show-stopper

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  • It's quite touching to see a company who genuinely seems to care rather than conducting cause marketing just because its the 'done thing'. I also enjoyed your reasoning behind choosing Womankind in particular, it sounds like a very deserving charity - and I have read their piece on the Huffington Post with great interest too. Good luck with your continued ventures together and let's hope to see more companies working with more of a care for others in this world.

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