New research from a group of Dutch and Belgian scientists has found that the ability of probiotics to influence the immune system differs from strain to strain. The researchers looked at 19 different probiotic strains and observed how each strain modulated the immune system using a series of immune markers such as T-cell counts. They found that their results differed significantly from strain to strain. "Some strains seem to activate different subtypes of T helper cells, while others specifically induce one subtype." The in vitro information taken from the tests could be used to aid in future clinical trial design. The researchers commented, "By building on our current knowledge of strain specific immune modulatory effects it may become possible to design clinically effective, bacteria based strategies to maintain and promote health."

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Reference: Sytze de Roock. et al (2011). Gut derived lactic acid bacteria induce strain specific CD4b T cell responses in human PBMC. Clinical Nutrition

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