If you regularly follow our blog you will know that we've been keeping you up to date on, and asking you to act against, the proposed EU legislation to implement a Europe-wide 'Nutrition and Health Claims regulation' (NHCR) - proposed in theory to protect consumers and to harmonise laws across European countries, but in practice a legislation which threatens the health foods industry with its inappropriate and disproportionate attack on natural health foods and food ingredients. For a better understanding of this issue, read our Guide to the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation here: /blog/2012/02/take-action-stand-up-for-natural-health

health claims regulation confusion

One of the simplest arguments against the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation is the fact that packaging will cease to explain what a product may help with...

Latest Update

Despite efforts from various individuals and organisations[1], at the end of March the ENVI (Environment, Public Health & Food Safety) committee did not manage to overturn and veto the legislation as we had hoped[2]. That means that the idea of vetoing the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation will not go to the full European Parliament, and in theory, the new legislation will be adopted.

Still Hope

There is still hope! Thanks to a strong message that certain members of European Parliament are not happy with the health claims regulations, the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation is currently undergoing a scrutiny process. The European Ombudsman is now reviewing the situation. What's more, organisations such as the Health Food Manufacturer's Association continue their efforts to overturn this legislation, and there is some possibility that rejected health claims could be reviewed again, with criteria more appropriate to health foods (as opposed to the pharmaceutical grade standards currently being applied).

What you can do

A publisher in the Netherlands has started a petition saying no to the Nutrition & Health Claims regulation. Signing this petition is quick, easy, and much more simple than writing to your MEP! Hooray. Please show your support and add your signature here. It will only take seconds!

Still not sure? 3 strong reasons to sign this petition:-

  1. This regulation will reduce your choice of health foods & supplements.
  2. This regulation threatens SMEs throughout Europe in the natural health industry.
  3. This regulation threatens our freedom to circulate health information.
For a comprehensible guide to the nutrition & health claims regulation and the dangers it poses, see this blogpost : /blog/2012/02/take-action-stand-up-for-natural-health


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1. Amongst others, campaigners have included consumers, small businesses, the European Federation of Health Product Manufacturers, and Health Food Manufacturer's Association, the Alliance for Natural Health.

2. A small majority voted to not veto the NHCR on the 21st March when the debate went to the ENVI committee. There were 37 votes against the veto, 22 in favour of the veto, and 1 abstention.

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