We're excited to share some new information with you at this year's Natural & Organic Products Trade Show at Olympia. We have enthusiastically been preparing information on the scientific research, and specifically the clinical trials behind our products (some of which you can find here in Scientific Research).

So on Sunday 7th & Monday 8th April find us at stand 3051.

Clinical Trials

Do we have clinical trials on the products in our range? Of course we do! It's something we don't normally shout about - and yet we probably should! And you will see why at the show. We have 100s of clinical trials on the probiotics in our range; on finished formulas and on particular strains as well. With some new posters, and as usual tons of informative articles to share with you, our team will be happy to explain to you the extent to which our products are researched, with a huge variety of published clinical trials.

As you should know by now, we pride ourselves in specialising entirely in probiotics & prebiotics. We only use strains of the highest quality. So come by and put us to the test - ask us anything.

Update: it's now possible to read more about our clinical trials here.

Who will be attending?

On Sunday you can see our star sales rep Steve, the gorgeous Cristina, our nutritionist Seher, naturopath & herbalist Megan, and the boss, Jalal!

On Monday Steve, Jalal and Seher will be at the show again.

In addition Soraya, Julie and Hannah are hoping to visit on Sunday.

(Not sure who all these people are? Some of them featured in our silly blogpost last year, about 'Sexy Probiotics!')

Still not convinced?

5 reasons to visit us at Olympia this year:

  1. We will have a special offer for existing and new customers - a Natural & Organic Products exclusive.
  2. We promise to 'wow' you with the quantity and quality of scientific research behind our strains.
  3. You can meet some of our new team members, as we grow and strive to visit more areas of the UK more regularly.
  4. When it comes to probiotics, we're the experts - and you'll know why once you've come to see us.
  5. If you're lucky, we might even do some of our signature poses for you...

- Soraya, Norman and Farah posing at last year's show. For more pictures of us at last year's Olympia, click here to see them on Facebook (don't forget to give our page a 'like' whilst you're there!)

So if you want to offer your customers a serious probiotic (fear not, the products are more serious than our staff seem above), you need to be talking to our team. Find out more about us.

Don't forget stand 3051. We look forward to seeing you there x

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