We're very happy to see our For a flat stomach probiotic and prebiotic formula featured in this week's Bella magazine. We're featured in a double page spread, discussing how to stay healthy whilst on holiday and how to avoid diet busting foods.

For a flat stomach probiotic and prebiotic formula

The article, written with the help of nutritionist Sarah Flower, gives sound advice like eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, oily fish and, of course, keeping yourself well hydrated during your trip. Sarah also advises keeping consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white bread to a minimum, as well as keeping alcohol to a sensible level too. If you are having a night on the tiles it's great to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. Easier said than done perhaps, but if you can stick to it, you'll probably be gloating at the poolside the morning after, when everyone else is nursing a hangover.

Bella magazine 13th August

Shona Wilkinson, the very knowledgeable head nutritionist at The Nutri Centre, also recommends some holiday supplements to pack in your suitcases too. Here's a few of her recommendations:

  1. A chromium supplement. This can help balance blood sugar levels to prevent cravings.
  2. A green coffee bean extract tablet. This can help reduce the absorption of excess sugars.
  3. A probiotic supplement. Eating foods you're not used to may lead to bloating. Take a probiotic (good bacteria) can help ease this. Try OptiBac For a flat stomach.

Sound advice from Shona as always, although we might just alter that slightly to the For a flat stomach for pre-holiday preparation, and then the For travelling abroad probiotic whilst you're away.

We're big fans of the Nutri Centre and their lovely nutrition team. For more of Shona's healthy tips check out the Nutri Centre Facebook page. To find out more about the product she mentioned, see For a flat stomach.

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