Researchers from the University of California have shown that the polyphenol Grape Seed Extract may significantly reduce blood pressure, with positive implications for heart health.

The randomised placebo controlled study, published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences, measured a daily dose of 300mg of the Grape Seed Extract for 8 weeks against a placebo. The results were associated with a reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 8 & 5 mmHg.

grape seed extract
Grape Seed Extract has been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure

Although the results are positive, the study was relatively small, so larger studies are required in order to determine whether these compounds are able to reduce the number of people transitioning from pre-hypertension to overt hypertension.

Another study, carried out by researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology & the University of California involved 12 people with metabolic syndrome taking Grape Seed Extract before eating a high-fat, high-carb breakfast. The results were associated with improvements in both the antioxidant status, as well as reduced glycemic response to a meal.

Metabolic syndrome is a term used to describe a group of conditions known to significantly increase the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. These include high blood pressure, raised blood sugar levels, and excess body fat around the middle, or low HDL (the good cholesterol) and increased blood triglycerides (fat in the blood).

For daily immunity'For daily immunity' contains Grape Seed Extract, with benefits for both immune and heart health

Although further studies are required, these findings support an increasing body of research that demonstrates the benefits of eating either foods rich in polyphenols or taking extracts within an hour of a meal. This research may go some way towards counteracting the problems associated with modern day eating habits and lifestyle.

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Reference: Robinson M, Edirisinghe I & Kappagoda, C.T. “Effect of Grape Seed Extract on Blood Pressure in Subjects with Pre-Hypertension”. Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences. Volume 2, issue 12, pp 155-159

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