Christian Hansen, a global company producing natural ingredients for the food, beverage, dietary supplements & agricultural industries, has announced the launch of a lemon flavoured liquid probiotic product, in the form of a 10ml shot. The product will first be available in Italy later this year, and will then be launched globally in 2014. Christian Hansen have previously created liquid probiotics in an oil form, targeted at infants and children, but this probiotic shot aims to reach a broader target audience. The new liquid probiotic combines the BB-12 bacteria strain and prebiotics.

This winning combination of well researched Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® and prebiotics are used in our 'For maintaining regularity' product, for which we receive fantastic feedback from our customers.

All of this talk of liquid probiotics has got us chatting here in the OptiBac Probiotics office. Read on to discover our thoughts on a liquid probiotic, and the benefits of capsules, powders and liquids.

A Shot-O-Probiotic for you?

Will we consider a liquid probiotic?

Perhaps one day we would consider introducing a liquid probiotic, but for now we are sticking with our supplements in capsule or powder form. The most important thing for us is to use well researched bacteria strains, so if a liquid probiotic looks like it has been very well tested to us, we will be the first on board!

Update: you can now read more about our clinical trials here.

What is the difference between capsule, powder and liquid probiotics?

Probiotics are in lots of different forms, from capsules to coffee! At OptiBac Probiotics our products are currently available in capsule and powder forms, and here we explain why.

Some liquid probiotics may not be stable at room temperature and require refrigeration, which may be less convenient for some people. They may also use a lot of packaging, particularly if the liquid probiotic is taken as a daily dose, which is certainly something we would consider. We give lots of thought to making our products palatable, and a liquid probiotic may require flavourings to be added to help improve the taste. At OptiBac we pride ourselves on not putting any nasties in our products, and it may prove costly to find suitable natural flavourings.

You may also be familiar with probiotic yoghurt drinks available on the market. These may contains high doses of sugar or artificial sweeteners to again help them taste better, which is something we would be keen to avoid.

Probiotic 'shots' / make your own

If you fancy a shot of liquid probiotic, it is easy to make your very own from the supplements in our range. Our Nutritional Therapist Seher is a dab hand at this, and frequently offers customers a liquid probiotic shot by mixing a sachet of one of our products. The beauty of this is that you can mix the powder with any flavour you like to suit your tastes! As each of our products contains specific bacteria strains to target specific health conditions, you can choose the product that is best suited to you. It is worth noting that probiotic bacteria prefer an environment that is not too acidic or too hot, so bear this in mind when choosing your liquid - try to avoid orange juice, and ensure they are kept at room temperature. Follow us on Twitter to find out when Seher is in your local store and you can pop in for a probiotic shot!


Our Nutritional Therapist Seher is a dab hand at making probiotic shots

A number of OptiBac Probiotic products are in sachet form; For maintaining regularity, For a flat stomach and For your child’s health. If you are looking for a more general daily probiotic, our For daily wellbeing capsules can easily be opened and mixed with food or liquid. You can be safe in the knowledge that OptiBac Probiotics capsules and sachets contain no artificial sweeteners, additives or flavours.

Here at OptiBac Probiotics, probiotics is all we do. We are very proud of our products, they have fantastic research and we are really proud of our feedback from customers. We are always researching and exploring new ideas and if we think of a product that will benefit our customers, either a liquid probiotic, capsule or sachet, you will be the first to know about it.


  • I heard about probiotics on the following topics. Can you create product...
    I'm curious about. Probiotics for mental acuity; focus and for hair quality: growth, thickness​ and return of natural color from graying.
    Thank you for your input and research.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
    We're always keeping an eye on the latest developments in probiotic research, and trying to match these to consumer demand for new products. Whilst we don't have products specifically for these conditions yet, there is certainly some fascinating research emerging from the area of probiotic research focusing on the link between the gut and mental
    To see all of the articles we have written and news of the latest studies, keep an eye on our News and Blog Section, or type 'mental health' into the Search field on our website (

    You can do the same for articles related to probiotics for healthy hair:

    Thank you again for your interest in our website and our brand.

    Best wishes,

    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor

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