We are very pleased that our 'For a flat stomach' product was featured in the Sunday People magazine at the weekend, on Sunday 23rd March. As the magazine states, "Beauty starts within", and the article explains that what we put into our bodies is in fact as important as what we use on our skin which can also have positive implications for our health.

Sunday People magazine cover

The piece describes our 'For a flat stomach' product which is a specially designed "blend of probiotics designed for those who suffer from bloating". As many of us are only too aware, "bloating can really weigh you down, make you feel uncomfortable and agitated and it's a massive pain when you have a big night out and want to fit into a favourite dress". We generally recommend customers take 'For a flat stomach' for a 7-day course each month, and if required, they may like to top up their levels of bacteria for the remainder of the month with our 'For every day Extra Strength' product. This product has a clinical trial which shows it is also beneficial for people suffering from bloating. We do know quite a few people however who find the benefits of 'For a flat stomach' so great that they prefer to take it all the time, which is no problem at all and is perfectly safe. You can read more about 'For a flat stomach' here.

"Probiotics balance gut bacteria which reduces gas and flattens the stomach area", which can provide great relief to those suffering from bloating. The benefits of probiotics may go even further than reducing bloating however, "as an added bonus the good bacteria helps with acne and stops your skin ageing prematurely. It also helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals properly in food, so your overall skin health is improved too".

For a flat stomach

'For a flat stomach' contains a specially designed blend of probiotics to help target bloating

It is fantastic that the benefits of 'For a flat stomach' have been recognised in the Sunday People magazine. We are also very proud of the many customer reviews we receive for 'For a flat stomach' which you can read here.

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