In September we announced an exciting new partnership between ourselves and the UK charity Womankind Worldwide. 

In order to support the amazing work of this charity, OptiBac Probiotics pledged a donation of 20-30p for every unit sold of our most recently launched product, ‘For women’ (20p for each 14 capsule pack sold, and 30p for each 30 capsule pack).  

Today we are delighted to be able to hand over a cheque for £6,050.70, which exceeds even our own high expectations! This sum was raised from product sales in the six months from September 2014 – Feb 2015, and it was all thanks to you, our wonderful loyal customers! The timing of this donation was chosen to coincide with 'International women's day' this Sunday - a global day celebrating the political, economical and social achievements of women past and present.

Who is the money helping?

The donation we have just made, and future donations, will help to ensure that Womankind can continue to fund partner organisations such as Musasa in Zimbabwe.  

Musasa provides safe accommodation for female survivors of domestic violence, and their children. As well as shelter they provide: food, medical treatment, counselling and legal advice to overcome the violence that these women have experienced. Whilst staying at the shelter the women also receive business skills training, to enable them to be able to live independently and support themselves and their families once they leave. 

Our donations will be used by Womankind to transform the lives of women like Tamary and Patience who have both benefitted from the invaluable work of Musasa.

Patience arrived at Musasa’s safe house in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare after being thrown out by her husband. Months before arriving at the safe house her husband had sent her and her son to live and work on his family farm hundreds of miles away from home.

Patience had no money, no job and nowhere to live before she was housed by the Musasa project.

 “He promised he would visit and send money to buy food for me and our child, but he didn’t contact me for 5 months. I felt so alone and vulnerable. I had no one to help me. Then one day my husband sent me a message to say he wanted a divorce.I had no money, no job and no-where to live. I heard about Musasa’s safe house and I went there. I felt so lonely and upset. But now I feel better. I feel I have the strength to rebuild my life. Musasa has taught me that I have the power inside myself to start again.” Patience.

Stories like Patience’s are, sadly, relatively commonplace in Zimbabwe. Tamary, aged 20, also spoke of the support that Musasa has given her, and how they are enabling her to rebuild her life, and work towards a brighter future for herself.

Musasa has helped Tamary realise that she can make a future for herself.

“I am leaving the safe house in a few months and will look for a job so I can look after myself and my baby. I also have bigger dreams. I have very good school grades and I want to pursue my dream of going to university and studying law. Musasa is supporting me to look for a scholarship.” – Tamary.

More about Womankind

Womankind is dedicated to promoting women's rights around the world.  They work with partner organisations in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, to transform women's lives, in particular with the aims of: ending violence against women, ensuring that women have an equal say, and building support for women's rights internationally.  What is so special about Womankind is the fact that they partner with local organisations in each country, taking an active role at a grassroots level, rather than simply implementing policies from a distance. 

Disha Sughand, Head of Fundraising & Marketing at Womankind responded to the donation with the following words of thanks:

 “Thank you so much to all of the customers, retailers and team at OptiBac Probiotics who’ve helped raise a fantastic £6,050 for Womankind through sales of their supplement ‘For women’. We’re so pleased to receive this support, as will be our partners around the world.  We’re very happy to be working with OptiBac Probiotics, a family business in natural health with good values and ethos – we’ve all learned a lot about friendly bacteria for one!”  

The money we will continue to raise from sales of ‘For women’ will enable Womankind to increase their support of vital women’s rights organisations globally. We are proud to support them in their inspirational work, and we thank every one of our ‘For women’ customers and retailers for making this donation possible. 

If you would like to read more about our charitable donations, as well as our general company ‘values’ and corporate responsibility, please follow the link to our 'our values' web page.

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