The word ‘Inflammation’ has been the buzz word in the world of health for some time now. So naturally we are delighted to have been mentioned by Woman & Home as the probiotic to take in order to support gut health and in doing so reducing inflammation.

Woman & home had an editorial on inflammation and how it affects your health

What on earth is inflammation and how can a probiotic be helpful you may well be asking?

Inflammation is of course a natural and life supporting healing response where the body reacts to an injury or illness. Inflammation is what you feel when a scratch becomes swollen or your temperature rises. However the problems arise when the trigger for an inflammatory response becomes prolonged or otherwise known as chronic. This leads to a systemic inflammation and this in turn has been linked to the development of autoimmune diseases. Examples of these are MS, arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease.

There are many triggers for inflammation but the common link between the inflammation and the triggers is gut health. You may or may not know that 70% of our immune system is based in our gut. Very simply, a damaged gut can lead to leaky gut which in turn will contribute greatly to a malfunctioning immune system. A ‘leaky gut’ is where the gut wall becomes a leaky barrier allowing particles of food through the gut wall into the blood stream where the immune system then launches an inappropriate immune response. When the incidence of this is high this leads to a rise in inflammation.

One of the most powerful ways of reducing inflammation therefore is to improve gut health. As stated in the article ‘There's a whole host of issues that could cause your gut to suffer, from diet (like eating lots of sugar and dairy) to lifestyle (like taking acid blockers to fight acid reflux) to history (like not being breastfed and therefore missing out on lots of friendly bacteria’.

The article then goes on to suggest taking OptiBac Probiotics ‘For every day’ in order to rebalance the gut bacteria. The article proposes that gut bacteria have been found to have an important influence on gut health and therefore inflammation.

If you enjoy reading information on this area you might like to know that Nutritional Therapist Kerry is writing a blog post on Gout which also stems from inflammation. Watch out for it on our blog post page.

You may be interested to know that we have been mentioned in magazines before including Woman Magazine, Look Magazine, and Red.

We also have an information page on probiotics and histamine intolerance, also an inflammatory response, which may be useful for some.


  • Can we buy OptiBac probiotics in NSW Australia?

  • Hi Alexandra,

    Thanks for your question and your interest in our products. We don't currently have any local retailers in Australia; however, the good news is that we ship our products all over the world direct from our online shop.

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on international delivery rates
    and timescales.

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  • I'm a little bit of a nightmare. I have been diagnosed (for years) with Hashimotos, IBS (I get very bloated) and recently diagnosed early stage primary Lymphedema of the lower legs. I'm only 32 and often take anti-inflams for the pain in my legs. My gut has never been looked after and I'm worried about overall gut health for the future and possibly leaky gut, since I have a lot of conditions.

    There are a million type of 'Probiotics' out there. Im worried about something making me worse, but I also want something that will look after the above conditions.

    I was looking at taking your Superstrength daily - do you think this will be suitable for me?

    Hope you can help.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Hello Leanne,

    Thanks for your question, and you don't sound like a nightmare at all!
    Just someone who is having a challenging time of things healthwise, and who is looking at all available options to try and rebalance their health.

    I will respond to your query directly, however, so that I can send you some information that you may find useful.

    With warm wishes,


    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor

  • Hello ladies

    Where can you buy optibac probiotics for the gut in Australia or do they have another name in the land down under.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your question.
    You can buy our products direct from our Online Shop. For more information, see our FAQ:
    'Can I buy OptiBac Probiotics in Australia?'

    Thanks for your interest in our range.

    Best wishes,

    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor

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