Hooray! Our ‘For travelling abroad’ product is featured in the July edition of Marie Claire! The article entitled ‘Hello Sunshine’ details the beauty and style director’s top product picks for the upcoming summer months, looking at how to stay both beautiful and healthy throughout the holidays. ‘For travelling abroad’ is right up there amongst some seriously luxurious, summer skincare products and delicious fresh scents as an essential product to keep you feeling fabulous even in the most tropical of holiday destinations.

'For travelling abroad' is featured in Marie Claire magazine!

Marie Claire’s style director says ‘Want to beat traveller’s tummy? Try these (OptiBac Probiotics ‘For travelling abroad’). I take live cultures at least two weeks before I jet off.’

With as many as 50% of travellers experiencing some sort of digestive upset when travelling abroad, and diarrhoea being the most frequent complaint, I personally pack my ‘For travelling abroad’ even before I pack my hair straighteners or flip flops! After all, there is no point in being the most beautifully made up, or even the most elegantly dressed holiday maker, if you are spending half of your holidays running back and forth to the bathroom...

'Want to beat travellers tummy? Try these.' - says Marie Claire's style director!

My top holistic health tips when travelling would be to:

Take a well-researched travel probiotic, such as ‘For travelling abroad’

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

Increase anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables to help prevent skin damage from the sun

Swim in the sea every day – apparently, sea water contains almost the same concentrations of minerals and trace elements as human blood plasma – one of the reasons why a dip in the sea makes us feel so energised!

Relax! Stress increases inflammation in the body, one of the main factors in determining how fast we age, so there really is truth in the fact that a good holiday can take years off you!

Bon voyage! I hope you all have a very happy and healthy summer holidays!

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