The weather is scorching outside and we are hot stuff in the press! Our ‘One week flat’ was featured yesterday as part of a sizzling Summer Special in the Sunday Mirror’s ‘Notebook’. The Mirror’s Beauty Editor said that ‘One week flat’ was one of her pre-travel ‘must-haves’, and helped to stop her tummy bloating so that she could bare all in her bikini with added confidence!
“Good bacteria are BFFs for your gut – for inner health and outer over-hang” quipped Lynne, who called the product a “probiotic boot camp”.

Sunbday Mirror
Our 'One week flat' was featured in yesterday's Sunday Mirror Notebook magazine

This makes it sound like hard work, but in fact it couldn’t be easier to take these pleasant-tasting probiotics, one sachet per day, the week before you bare your bikini-bod on holiday. You don’t have to wait until you go on holiday to try this product either: for more information on how to use it, see our FAQ ‘How often can I take ‘One week flat’?’
One week flat
The Mirror's Beauty Editor makes 'One week flat' part of her pre-holiday prep routine

Those who are travelling to far flung corners of the world, where ‘holiday tummy’ is more likely to be an issue, may also like to know that we offer a specific travel product: ‘For travelling abroad’. Like the rest of OptiBac Probiotics range, it doesn’t require refrigeration, but what makes this product ideal to take away to tropical destinations is that the strains of probiotics it contains are hardy enough to withstand higher extremes of heat and humidity.

Whichever probiotic you choose to take away on your holidays, don’t forget to take good care of your little bacterial ‘BFFs’ though – unlike us, these delicate live cultures don’t like to be left out in direct sunlight but instead prefer a cool dry place to hang out wherever possible.

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