Hmmm, this is getting embarrassing! We’re in the press again, this time in Country and Town magazine, where top model and restauranteur, Alicia Rountree, shares her love of our ‘For every day’ product and states that she wouldn’t leave home without it!
Wow – you know you’ve made it when you’re the choice of super-models! We imagine that ‘beating the bloat’ is a key consideration for this Victoria’s Secret model, who was once quoted as saying "There's nowhere to hide if you're in a bikini."

It's been rumoured that this gorgeous girl fraternises with some heavyweight celebrities - we secretly wonder if she persuaded Jude Law and Mick Jagger to take our probiotics too…

Country & Town August issue
We're in the press again! Check out Country & Townhouse magazine this August

So what makes our brand ideal for taking away with you?

Well, as the temperatures warm up, it’s much easier to take a brand of probiotic that doesn’t require refrigeration, so it’s worth remembering that none of our product range needs to be kept in the fridge (though if you’re going somewhere really SCORCHIO then the delicate little live cultures might appreciate a cool dark place if you can find one!).

But, Alicia darling, don’t forget that we offer a specific travel product, ‘For travelling abroad’! This natty little formula contains some extra-hardy strains of bacteria along with our superstar probiotic yeast, 'Saccharomyces boulardii', itself one of the most well-researched probiotics in the world. It's packaged in a special protective container that's easy to pop into your suitcase.

For travelling abroad
'For travelling abroad' is specially made for holidays!

Why does our brand attract so much media attention?

It's a good question - do birds of a feather flock together??

It's true that some of our probiotic strains are so well-researched that they’re celebrities in their own right – take Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12®, for example, which was recently featured in one of the largest clinical trials on probiotics ever conducted. You can read more about it in my blog here: Largest ever probiotic clinical trial supports BB-12 for regularity

When you’re looking for a probiotic, we'd always recommend choosing a formula that contains very well-researched probiotic strains. Read Kathy’s blog that explains more about the weight of evidence supporting the use of our product formulas: Most well-researched probiotics: Comparing brands

So if you want to supplement like a supermodel, don’t forget to pack your OptiBac Probiotics.
Happy holidays!

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  • Yes, I recommend your probiotics. I have food intolerance to yeast and it has really helped me.

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