Hello hello! Yes, we’ve been featured in ‘Hello’ magazine again, darlings. Our ‘For travelling abroad’ has been featured by the celebrity-studded magazine in their recent article entitled ‘Beat the Bloat’.

We loved this article as it was packed with lots of useful info about how to keep our tums looking bikini-ready. The contributors suggested that it was essential to keep well-hydrated, chew your food properly, take exercise and ensure that your digestive system was well-supported in order to avoid incomplete digestion and constipation. Well, we'd never argue with that!

‘For travelling abroad’ is a handy travel-sized formula that’s designed to be taken along with you to those destinations such as Egypt, India and Thailand, where you might encounter hotter, more humid climates than that of the UK, and where you might meet the superbugs that tend to flourish in such climates. This high quality supplement is also shelf-stable and cabin friendly, making it an ideal travel companion.

OptiBac Probiotics are a favourite with many holidaymakers

We’re delighted to be mentioned by ‘Hello’ as a holiday ‘must-have’, though it’s also worth us pointing out that ‘For travelling abroad’ is not the only one of our products that's popular with holiday-makers, especially those looking to perfect a stream-lined holiday bod.

A few other products that are especially popular with those customers who want look great in their bikini are ‘One week flat’ and ‘Bifidobacteria & fibre’.

If you’re interested in trying ‘One week flat’ then why not do it for FREE?! Throughout the whole of August, when you buy ‘For every day (60s), you will receive a whole pack of ‘One week flat’ absolutely FREE!

Get them while stocks last.

To see just how much Hello likes OptiBac Probiotics, see below - in fact, they LOVE us!

Bifidobacteria & fibre in Hello magazine
OptiBac Probiotics capsules in Hello magazine
OptiBac Probiotics in Hello magazine

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