We are delighted to be making a new donation of over £18,000 to Womankind Worldwide today to mark International Women’s Day. Womankind is an international women’s rights charity which, thanks to all of you who purchase 'For women', we have supported for nearly 3 years.

Womankind Worldwide FIDA Kenya

Womankind Worldwide works in partnership and solidarity with various women's rights organisations and movements globally, supporting women and girls to transform their lives. Through these partnerships, Womankind aims to end violence against women and girls, to support women to claim their economic rights, and ensure women's voices are heard in decision-making.

An example of one of Womankind's partnerships is with FIDA Kenya, The Federation of Women Lawyers. Together, they are working to promote women’s rights in Kenya by not only providing legal support and counselling services to those affected but also by raising community awareness of issues affecting women and young girls, including harmful traditional practices. They work with chiefs, community leaders, government officials and many other groups to bring an end to violent or damaging behaviour and make positive changes in the lives of women and girls.

Womankind Worldwide FIDA Kenya

One such project Womankind and FIDA Kenya are working on together is the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya. FGM is not only a violation of the rights of women and girls but can lead to lasting physical and emotional damage and it also means girls drop out of school as they are expected to marry soon after.

Namunyak, a 41-year-old woman from Kajiado County in Kenya, became an ambassador for FIDA Kenya to end FGM after learning about its life-long effects.

“I am a FIDA Kenya ambassador against FGM in my community. I was circumcised when I was twelve, I will never forget the pain. I was bleeding for two weeks, which is actually less than most girls. I won’t let my daughters be cut. FGM doesn’t have any advantages, it was just a tradition – if you are not circumcised men don’t want to get married to you. But things are changing now.
"FIDA Kenya’s project is working: when women know more about the effects of FGM, they will protect their daughters. Before I leave this world, I want to make sure that FGM is gone in my community. Maasai women don’t have rights, but now we have information and the means to generate an income. FIDA is helping women in the community to change their future and the future of their children.
"When I said 'no' to FGM for my girls, my family discriminated me. But now they know that FGM has no value in our community. When they realised that my girls had not been cut and are really happy about it, my brother-in-law's daughters also refused FGM. I have hopes that my girls will be independent and educated. I am helping them to get know their rights and get their own income. It is a beautiful thing that they haven’t been cut and can still go to school.’’
The fact that our donations are helping projects such as this is something we are proud of. Our company values include honesty and strong communication, which we believe is a corporate and social responsibility, as is supporting our local community as well as charities further afield.

However, it is ultimately our customers who support this charity, as money is donated for every pack of the supplement ‘For women’ purchased. For each purchase of 'For women' we donate between 20p and £1 (depending on pack size) - so a great big thank you to those who recommend, stock and purchase the product! ‘For women’ is a friendly bacteria supplement for women's intimate health, and in time for International Women’s Day and Mother's Day later this month, it is on special offer this March!

In response to our most recent donation Debra Lillistone-Squires, Philanthropy Manager from Womankind said:

"This is fantastic news – thank you so much from all of us at Womankind and on behalf of our partners around the world. Your support is overwhelming."

It gives us great pleasure to continue to donate to such a worthwhile and valuable charity. And as many women who are involved in this charity say, it gives a sense of connection to women worldwide to be able to do something small which can mean such a lot to a woman living elsewhere.

Read more about the OptiBac & Womankind Worldwide Partnership or find out about OptiBac Probiotics 'For women'.

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