When we think about how to get that healthy glowing skin, one of the first things that come to mind are skincare products we can apply externally, right? Well, I can tell you that giving our gut flora a little tummy loving care, by introducing live cultures could go a long way too.

This is why we’re so happy to see OptiBac ‘For every day MAX’ featured in an article about probiotics for skin health in the latest issue of Glamour magazine. I’d also like to add that we absolutely love the Instagram stories of Glamour magazines beauty editor - Alex Steinherr - and we’re quite thrilled to have been featured in them in the past too.

This article written by Gregory Allen, explains how our body’s natural bacteria are constantly under attack and why it’s important to nurture our friendly bacteria. There are increasing amounts of research looking into the benefits associated with supporting our gut flora with probiotic supplements and how this can have beneficial effects both internally and externally. Marie Drago, the founder of skincare brand Gallinée, also mentions, the thought process is that 'probiotics work to soothe, hydrate and rebalance the skin'. We were happy to share the spotlight with Marie and are big fans of her probiotic skincare range, especially the foaming facial cleanser which is to die for!

A statement in the article, by a dermatologist named Dr Anjali Mahto, goes on to say that as well as using good skincare products, probiotic supplementation is also important for healthy skin too.

"By increasing probiotic presence in the gut through supplements, we can in turn help to reduce inflammation in the skin. Both oral and topical work hand in hand"

So, next time you’ve got a client looking to improve their skin health, don’t forget to consider supporting their gut flora as well. Whilst these good bacteria may not look pretty on the eyes, they could help achieve and maintain that healthy skin we all want!

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