There’s even more good news today. We have had some more great press! ‘Hello’ magazine has featured our ‘For those on antibiotics’ supplement in an article by Charlotte Jolly, ‘Taking an antibiotic?’.

Hello Magazine December 2017

The ‘Hello’ article explains that some studies show that taking a supplement of friendly bacteria could help to prevent some of the side effects that people taking antibiotics have reported. 'Hello' say that some of these side effects "can include diarrhoea and thrush", the last thing you want when you're suffering with an illness already.
The article describes how the strains of bacteria in 'For those on antibiotics' can get past the acidic environment of the stomach to reach the gut alive where they can get to work.
'For those on antibiotics'

It is rumoured that you can’t take live cultures when on antibiotics. In fact, 'For those on antibiotics' is safe to be take with antibiotics, take a look at our The Antibiotics Myth page for further details about this common misconception..

The article about 'For those on antibiotics' sits alongside an article about gym wear and how Kourtney Kardashian avoids 'bed hair'. To be honest I had no idea who Kourtney Kardashian is, thank goodness for Google!

Take a look at these links for further information on live cultures and antibiotics.

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