Cosmo June issueThe June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine features a piece called 'The truth about getting your dream body.' Cosmo's Beauty Director Ingeborg van Lotringen speaks to nutritionist Ian Marber, who enlightens us, 'Not only is our body-fat distribution up to 60% genetically determined, we all have a weight that our bodies naturally gravitate towards. This is determined by a number of factors, including genes, hormones and even the food our mums ate when we were conceived.' So I think the key message girls, is to give yourself a break! 'Work with the weight your body is naturally comfortable with rather than what you think it ought to be,' says Ian.

Much to my delight, Cosmo's body feature starts by focusing on accepting your body for what it is, and working with what you have. And even better, it quotes celebrities saying genuinely meaningful things about their bodies too! Such as the talented Lena Dunham, 'Not being the babest person in the world [means] the people who talk to you are the people interested in you.' and Drew Barrymore 'God made a very obvious choice when he made me voluptuous. My limbs work, so I'm not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.' Well said Drew. Yes, this is the second time I've mentioned Drew Barrymore on the blog in the last fortnight. With chat like that though, I think she makes a healthy role model!

Bloat Busters

So where does OptiBac fit in to all this, I hear you cry. Well the feature goes on to discuss and recommend a number of tips for working with the body you have, including tips for great skin, the perfect tan, and of course 'bloat busters'! Our favourite nutritionist Ian Marber recommends for those prone to bloating, 'Eat more veg than fruit, avoid juices, alcohol and sugars, eat small portions but more often in the day, and take a course of probiotics,' says Ian. And under the title 'Cosmo loves these de-puffers' sits our very own For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength supplement.

EXTRA Strength probiotic Not used to such glamorous company, the probiotic is pictured alongside this season's best tan enhancers too! You might want to pick up your copy of Cosmo magazine, in stores now.

Find out more about Ian Marber & Ingborg can Lotringen's favourite probiotic, For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength here. You can orders yours online easily here or buy at your local independent health food shop or pharmacy. Find your nearest stockist here.

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