It's looking like 2019 is the year of the vagina! More specifically, vaginal wellness. From a sea of women's health articles to period tracker apps, women are talking more than ever before about this formerly embarrassing subject and we are here. For. It.

Vaginal health - Daily Telegraph says it's important and so do we!
It's 2019 and time we started talking about vaginas without feeling embarrassed!

This all comes at a great time, with International Women's Day right around the corner on Friday 8 March. In a recent write-up, 'How women's privates are going public' by The Daily Telegraph, Jennie Agg explores this new frontier of wellness. She explores a myriad of different ways that women can look after their vaginas, inside and out.

We were lucky enough to get a little shout-out for our good bacteria supplements, 'For women', in this fabulous article!

As massive advocates on this topic, it's brilliant to have OptiBac 'For women' talked about as part of a wider conversation that's encouraging and empowering women to not only listen to their bodies, but talk about them in an open and shame-free way.

'For women' recommended by Daily Telegraph
'For women': made by women, for women all over the world

So what is 'For women' exactly? Trialled in thousands of women worldwide, it's a natural supplement designed especially to reach the vaginal flora. It gets a lot of love from women everywhere - see what some have recently said about it on TrustPilot:

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