We’re always trying to improve our product range, and the latest supplement to be refreshed is our ‘For daily immunity’. Always a favourite amongst those with a hectic lifestyle and/or needing a little immune support, we believe that the new version of ‘For daily immunity’ will be better than ever before!

We think you'll love our new, refreshed 'For daily immunity' product

Have the ingredients changed?

The packaging and indication will remain the same, but the product ingredients have completely changed, with replacement ingredients which we believe will support your immune function even more effectively. The original product contained four strains of bacteria at a combined strength of 2.5 billion live cultures per capsule, with added pine bark extract, grape seed extract and green tea extract; however, the new and improved ‘For daily immunity’ has now become a 5 billion strength product, containing a brand new strain of bacteria, with some added vitamin C. The new strain on the block is called Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431®, and was chosen to replace its predecessors because of the impressive clinical research that supports its use.

Backed by extensive research

Having been tested in thousands of people in over 20 clinical studies, we felt confident that this strain of bacteria, along with the vitamin C, would offer even more support to all of our valued customers. We have not made these changes lightly, as we know many of you will have loved the original formula, but after studying the research, we concluded that as probiotic specialists, our customers expect the highest quality, extensively researched strains. We feel that the change of product ingredients will meet those expectations even more effectively, and will ensure that our range continues to be supported by the latest and best scientific evidence.

We're confident that our new 'For daily immunity' formula can now offer you even better support for your immune system

Who can take the new ‘For daily immunity’?

In fact, due to the changes, the refreshed ‘For daily immunity’ will be suitable for more of our customers than ever before!

We'd still recommend it most specifically for those with demanding and active lifestyles, the elderly, those with poor immunity and for individuals who commonly suffer from colds & flu, but as some of the other added ingredients have been removed, this product is now suitable for a wider range of people. Children over 12 months can now take 'For daily immunity' if desired, whereas the original ‘For daily immunity’ was suitable from the age of four years and over. The change of ingredients also means that the product is now safe for use by pregnant and nursing women. You can see the full list of ingredients on the product pages and also in our Ingredients FAQ.

What’s more, the allergy profile of the product has also been improved: the old-style ‘For daily immunity’ may have contained traces of dairy and yeast in the finished product, but our new version contains no traces of any of the major allergens. Vegans will be delighted to know that the updated ‘For daily immunity’ now joins our other range of vegan-friendly products.

We have managed to make the capsules smaller too, so it’s even easier to take. What’s not to like? Give it a try and help your family brave the winter months with some added immune support!

Now more of our customers than ever before can benefit from taking our 'For daily immunity'

When will the changes take place?

The ingredients in OptiBac ‘For daily immunity’ have been updated as of January 2018, which means you can benefit from the new formula right through the winter. This update has been implemented on our website and any product now dispatched will contain the new ingredients. Please note that many of our stockists will still have some of the old formula available - so be sure to check the packaging before purchasing if you want to try the new product.

We are really excited to introduce this new, well-researched strain to our range, and although we loved the old formula, we feel confident that you will love this new one too.

20% off this great new product!

If you don’t already feel tempted to give the fabulous new-style product a try, we’re also giving our customers a massive 20% off ‘For daily immunity’ during the month of January 2018.

For more information about this fabulous new product, take a look at the following pages:


  • References from scientific journals are interesting . More please.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your kind feedback.

    We pride ourselves on conducting thorough research into our live cultures, through the use of clinical trials. You can read more about our focus on scientific research, and about our other values, here: https://www.optibacprobiotics.co.uk/about/why-optibac-probiotics

    I hope you find the information interesting!

    With best wishes,

    Assistant Customer Care & Nutritional Advisor
    OptiBac Probiotics

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