OptiBac are in the press again!

We’re excited to say that our most recent product, ‘For women’, is featured in this month's ‘Your Healthy Living’ Magazine. The magazine, which is available in health food shops nationwide, features ‘For women’ in their article entitled ‘The unmentionables’, all about embarrassing health conditions.

'For women' - featured in March 2015 issue

The editor recommends ‘For women’ as a natural supplement for women and when asked about it, the write-up says:

‘The two probiotic strains in ‘For women’ have been extensively clinically trialled and shown to help support vaginal health, especially in women suffering from thrush, cystitis and bacterial vaginosis.‘

The article follows this up by asking: ‘Why not give it a go?, which we couldn’t agree with more!

Given the statistics that 75% of women suffer from thrush at one time in their life, 50% will suffer from at least one bout of cystitis and one in three women are affected by Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)1, we think that women really should look after their vaginal flora in just the same way that they look after their gut flora! After all, there’s really no good reason not to...


1. https://www.independentpharmacist.co.uk/checklist---june-2014---vaginal-thrush

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