It appears that we have become quite popular with the glossies recently. And we are of course super chuffed to be mentioned in Grazia magazine this month, this time as a brand of live cultures for pregnant women and new mums to take.

We are proud to be mentioned in Grazia magazine this month

Grazia underlines the importance of gut health for both pregnant women and new mums. The article talks about how a healthy balance of bacteria is associated with the absorption of vitamins and minerals, which in turn helps combat fatigue and boost immunity; this is especially important when pregnant and you are absorbing nutrients for two! They also mention how taking live cultures when breastfeeding can help the baby digest milk, as well as supporting the mother’s health when breastfeeding.

They have recommended our product ‘For women’, which of course we are delighted about. Mums can take this before birth throughout pregnancy, and when breastfeeding. You can read more about this here. Nutritional therapist Jo has also written a blog post on Beneficial bacteria found in breast milk, which you can read over in the Probiotics Learning Lab.

Read more about pregnancy, hormones and women’s intimate health in Kerry’s fascinating blog post on the topic.

Other recent mentions we are proud of:

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