Probiotics are well known to positively impact on our health in many different ways. We have written before about how they might even make us ‘sexy’, in our ‘Could Probiotics make you sexier’ blog.

We know that they improve skin health for example, and help prevent both acne breakouts and conditions such as eczema, and research has shown promising results with hair re-growth in alopecia sufferers. Our ‘One week flat’ product also reduces abdominal bloating, helping us all be more God (or Goddess)-like on the beach.

So if we make sure we select the correct strains of probiotic that can be beautiful skin, lustrous hair and flatter stomachs all potentially covered. We are half way to Adonis status already! But what about those of us that are more ‘vertically challenged’? Can probiotics help here too?

Product development.

Here at OptiBac Probiotics head office, we are all completely potty about friendly bacteria, and we all take them on a daily basis to keep us in tip top health, and looking good. Two of our team members, Norman and his twin brother Malcolm, took their dedication to probiotics a step further, by agreeing to take part in a clinical trial we're running in the lead up to our exciting new product launch.

We will soon be introducing a product to our range that promises to add inches to your height, and our fabulous twins kindly agreed to stand in grow bags of compost for half an hour every day. One grow bag had added probiotics, whereas the other grow bag contained only soil. The pair were measured once a week for 12 weeks, and their heights were recorded.

Stand aside Van Tulleken brothers - we're the new twins in town!

The strains of bacteria used in the probiotic formulation, that we have named ‘Grow-biotics’, were selected by our product development team for their seeming ability to increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the hormone responsible for height.

The species selected include Lactobacillus tallerophilus and Bifidobacterium giganticum, both of which have been clinically proven to increase bone length and therefore overall body stature. We will be launching this novel new product in the near future, although we are currently working on the delivery method and dosage, as plant grow bags do not fit easily on to a retailer’s shelves, and are also too costly to post out to our on-line customers.

Impressive results.

At the start of the three month trial our identical twins, Norman and Malcolm, were an identical height. After just three months of planting their feet in ‘Grow-Biotics’ Malcolm has gained a near miraculous foot in height, taking him from just 5 foot 9 inches to six foot 8 inches! He is said to be utterly delighted, and considering a new career with the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

We are very happy to be announcing this exciting new product development to our fabulous and loyal customers this morning on Friday 1st April. Let us know what you think by commenting below.


  • hahaha love it. sign me up!

  • Does it grow every part of the body or just the legs? ;-)

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Anita, you've asked the question we're all wondering. Poor Malcolm's a shy kind of guy and we didn't feel it appropriate to ask for a full body part analysis. However you've got us all talking ideas coming for next 1st April... ;)

  • This the best product ever.I simply MUST have this! Can you please forward more info on how they cultivated these bacteria.. Are they vegan?

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    But of course! Some vegans want to be tall too, after all. Love your email address - yagottabecoddnme - its certainly memorable!

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