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miso live cultures

Ok. We thought this was hilarious. Miso soup is indeed, full of live cultures. (Find out more about live cultures here). This miso cartoon is the brainchild of James and Soraya, after they were inspired by a joke from Steve, following a chat from our nutritionist Cristina where we all learned about and tasted miso soup. So all in all, a true joint effort! Hope you like it.

Not sure who all the aforementioned people are? Find out more about the team here on the about us page, or here on a silly blogpost we wrote last year.

Good fats

Nuts, avocado, and many other foods are fatty - but they're GOOD fats. This version of the Batman & Robin meme is meant to appeal to nutritionists and CAM practitioners who can sometimes tire of hearing 'oh I've cut out all these foods, because they're fatty!' Often in reality, fat doesnt make you fat, sugar does! Which leads on to our next post...

giving up sugar

This is our healthy version of the popular meme, 'Victory Baby' or 'Success Kid' - we thought this image would be funny for any health foodies familiar with the concept of cutting out sugar. The first few days are a killer, and you really feel on top of the world when you manage it!

healthy ryan gosling


Bacteria Cartoon

Bacteria Chat - this is surely the sort of discussion that goes down on their tea breaks.

Obama Probiotic

This is what Barack Obama had to say about our premium probiotic, For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength[1].

sugar rush batman

Funny because its true. We don't mean to hate on all probiotic yoghurt drinks, some of them contain some well-researched strains. But it can be frustrating when people recommend them or take them willy nilly, without thinking about the very high sugar content. Find out more about probiotic yoghurt drinks here.

Saccharomyces boulardii

All I'm going to say is, this picture is HILARIOUS if you've ever tried to pronounce the ingredient in our For bowel calm. Not sure what we're talking about? S. boulardii is like a superhero in the world of microorganisms. (Inspiration for another cartoon coming on...) To find out more, read 'What is Saccharomyces boulardii?'

Miracle Go

Miracle GO is what we call our 'For maintaining regularity'. If you've tried this product, you'll get it.

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1. Ok, fine. He's never heard of it, to our knowledge. But we're pretty confident that he would say this if he saw it.

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