You may have noticed that some of our product names have been changing over the last few months. The latest to do so is 'For your child's health', which is now known as 'For babies & children'. These name changes are due to the European Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation (NHCR), as some of you who have read our 'New Product Names' page are probably aware.

We can assure you that the name is the only change to the product. 'For babies & children' is still the same great product, containing the same ingredients and the same well-researched probiotic strains. We think this particular name change is one of the most straight-forward we have made to date and, hopefully, not too far removed from the original. We hope that this will avoid any confusion to our repeat customers.

For your child's health

Above: spot the difference. NEW 'For babies & children' on the left, previous 'For your child's health' packaging right.

'For babies & children' is still THE product for babies from birth and children up to 12 years of age. Since the launch of the product in late 2007, we have been thrilled by its popularity and the glowing feedback and reviews it has received. We've been particularly pleased with its online presence in forums such as Netmums and Mumsnet and, of course, the fantastic reviews we receive here on our own website and the independently controlled Trustpilot website.

We're sure part of its success is due to the fantastic research and the clinical trial on the product, and parents can appreciate that we've selected high quality probiotic strains for their babies and children. It's also a product that parents can trust due to the vast safety criteria that the product has passed. For example, the probiotic strains found in 'For babies & children' are all listed on numerous Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) and Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) lists, satisfying both European and North American safety criteria.

Furthermore, 'For babies & children' does not interfere with any antibiotics, or medication. It's also free from any nasty additives or colourings.

Here at OptiBac Probiotics we believe we're well placed for making a supplement of this kind. We are a family business after all!

For more information on 'For babies & children' visit the product page here or talk to your local independent health food shop or pharmacy.

Update: Healthcare professionals might be interested to read the research behind the strains contained in 'For babies & children' here.

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