Clearly, we are very happy to be considered worthy of being on this magazine’s ‘Tasty trends and top buys from the world of wellbeing’ page this month. Trendy indeed!

Women's Fitness magazine likes OptiBac Probiotics for keeping digestion healthy
Women's Fitness magazine likes OptiBac for keeping digestion healthy

This little nugget of information says that,

‘If you find it difficult to boost your healthy bacteria, try OptiBac Probiotics ‘For every day’ instead. The capsules contain 6 strains of friendly bacteria to support your digestion and general wellbeing. So convenient!’
'For every day contains 6 strains of healthy bacteria'
'For every day' contains 6 strains of healthy bacteria

Short and to the point! I also liked the page’s other recommendations for helping with energy levels including recommending ginseng, B vitamins and vitamin C to prevent your energy levels from depleting.

As we move into the Autumn months, it’s even more important to take extra care with your well being routine. If you feel the same, head over to the Probiotics Learning Lab to read the following:

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