Well, we’ve just about made it through our first week back at work and are feeling pretty upbeat having stuck to all our New Year resolutions (so far!). We think our resolve has been strengthened by our new bullet journal system. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t either, but it kept popping up all over social media so we thought we’d better check it out.

Keeping a bullet journal has been a revelation!

So, it’s part to-do list, part planner, part diary and it helps us keep track of our busy lives – what we did today, what we need to do tomorrow and what we’d like to achieve over the course of the next year. And it’s helping me stick to my resolutions – being more grateful is much easier if I’ve got somewhere to note down all the good stuff – doing this before bed every day has genuinely improved my mood this week!

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Happy Friday!

To take advantage of the offer just buy on our website, or find your local stockist (please call yours in advance to check availability) as this is also available with independent health food shops & pharmacies nationwide.

And if you’re interested, we’ve written an FAQ on the difference between ‘For every day’ and ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’

Lastly, have a go at a bullet journal – it’s never too late to set some goals! We’d love to hear how you get on!

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