Hmmm, this is getting embarrassing! We’re in the press again, this time in Country and Town magazine, where top model and restauranteur, Alicia Rountree, shares her love of our ‘For every day’ product and states that she wouldn’t leave home without it!
Wow – you know you’ve made it when you’re the choice of super-models!

It's been rumoured that this gorgeous girl fraternises with some heavyweight celebrities - we secretly wonder if she persuaded Jude Law and Mick Jagger to take our probiotics too…

Country & Town August issue
We're in the press again! Check out Country & Townhouse magazine this August

So if you want to supplement like a supermodel, don’t forget to pack your OptiBac.
Happy holidays!

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  • Yes, I recommend your probiotics. I have food intolerance to yeast and it has really helped me.

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    HI Gillie,

    Aw, thanks so much sharing for your feedback - so glad that the products have helped you.
    Don't forget that you can always leave a review on the relevant product page.

    With warm wishes,

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    OptiBac Probiotics

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