“The best on the market is OptiBac Probiotics, as their product formulations are excellent and are based on sound medical research.”

We’re delighted to have been mentioned in John McKenna’s latest book ‘Good Food’. John McKenna has been writing about food and the food industry for many years and has published books such as Extreme Greens, Hard to Stomach, as well as writing regularly for the Irish Times. John first approached us after hearing of our charitable donations to the Patient Welfare Programme in East Africa and was very impressed by the knowledge and training of Steve from our sales team, who was only too happy to help in John's research.

John McKenna Good Food

John’s love of food originates from his childhood experiences of natural, healthy food growing up in the Irish countryside and he has kept this passion throughout his life. John was also a doctor in West Africa for many years where he encountered and enjoyed many natural and simple diets.

Upon his return to the UK in 2003, he was shocked to learn about the typical diet that had become established in the West. In fact, much of the focus of ‘Good Food’ analyses the now typical Western diet and exposes its low nutrient value and high toxicity content, particularly linked with processed foods. John theorises that the typical Western diet is strongly linked to the rise in diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, as well as being responsible for the sharp increase in food intolerances and allergies.

In ‘Good Food’ John outlines how to create a nutrient rich diet and explains why it’s so important for our health. As part of this John mentions the importance of gut health. John also makes special mention of our ‘For travelling abroad’ product. He says...

“When travelling to a foreign country take lots of good bacteria in the form of probiotic capsules to prevent traveller’s diarrhoea (the OptiBac Probiotics supplement ‘For travelling abroad’ is good)."

However, John forgets to mention that you don’t need a cooler bag for our probiotics, they don’t need refrigeration, making them perfect for your suitcase.

We really enjoyed John McKenna's latest book and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in healthy eating and nutrition. ‘Good Food’ is out now and available in all good bookstores.


  • Johns book is one of my favourite on simple nutrition, great read!
    I bought my first box of Optibac today :)

  • Dear Tracy,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I hope you're happy with your OptiBac Probiotics product - if you require any further information please contact me on [email protected], and do let us know how you get on with it.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Care and Nutritional Advisor
    OptiBac Probiotics

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