We're delighted with our mention in HELLO! Magazine issue 1340. Our 'For travelling abroad' product was featured in the lifestyle section in an article about getting ill while abroad.

The article rightly points out that approximately half of all travellers experience some form of illness whilst abroad. After some general advice such as visiting your GP and / or local travel clinic before travelling (especially where vaccinations are required), the article then suggests 6 simple tips to ensure you have the healthiest and happiest possible holiday.
These include:

1. Clean up
Simple hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly

2. Be water wise
Only drink water you're sure is clean

3. Be probiotic
Here HELLO! recommends
"Give your digestive immunity a boost with a probiotic such as OptiBac Probiotics 'For travelling abroad', specifically formulated to help your body cope with the influx of different foods and water."
4. Avoid excess alcohol
As this can upset your tummy and dehydrate you quickly.

5. Sachet sense
HELLO! also recommend packing a rehydration sachets incase you do happen to pick up a bug.

Don't forget you can now get a JUMBO pack of 'For travelling abroad', ideal for long trips abroad or family holidays. More info here.

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