In a feature length article entitled 'Christmas time, mistletoe and wine', and with the absolutely sumptuous image below(!) nutritionist Melahat Turkerman recommends our 'For a flat stomach' probiotic & prebiotic during the festive season. Want to learn more about those mighty microbes? Head over to the Probiotics Learning Lab to learn more.

Melahat, London based nutritionist and member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), shares her tips for keeping on track, or on 'digestive tract' even (sorry, I couldn't resist) during Christmas time - when a lot of people are prone to bloating and digestive issues which all too often come hand in hand with festive indulgence!

It's important to take care of your body that will be working double speed over the festive period. The article suggests popping a daily probiotic with meals. They say...

'OptiBac do a very effective probiotic in handy individually packed sachets for convenience. Their anti-bloat flat tummy powder drink is especially effective when taken together with your meals.'

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Mel's other tips include 'Eat breakfast' - fitting in your regular meals despite the rush of Christmas is important to keep digestion on track; 'Take your time' - eating slowly will aid the digestive process, and also prevent overeating; and 'Satisfy your cravings' - but selectively! Mel suggests actually thinking about, and almost 'prioritising' your favourite Christmas treats - then enjoy these favourites in small amounts, as opposed to tucking in to every treat passing your way.

I for one, will definitely be applying this last tip - and have already prioritised my treats - mulled wine, mince pies and roast potatoes (because they all taste like Christmas) over too many of the random sweets, chocolates and excuses for more alcohol!

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