OptiBac Probiotics ‘For a flat stomach’ is now to be known as ‘One week flat’. The supplement remains exactly the same in terms of ingredients, packaging, recommended use and price - it simply has a brand new product name.

One week flat probioticThe new name reflects the short-term and consecutive nature of the recommended use – i.e. it is best taken every day consecutively for 7 days straight. Many take this probiotic for one week every month or so, and either take nothing in between, or take ‘For every day’ or ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’ in the meantime. It is also absolutely fine to take ‘One week flat’ on an ongoing basis, which we know many of you like to do.

Our initial market research shows that the product was received well, and understood - so we hope you like it too! More than 65% of the 1000 people we surveyed said they were interested in a food supplement to be taken short-term as opposed to long term, and - somewhat worryingly - more than 60% of you said you often or sometimes forget to take your food supplements or medicines. So we feel this short term course of live cultures should be a good option for the forgetful amongst you!

‘For a flat stomach’ still in-store

Please note that the old name, ‘For a flat stomach’ will be sold through in shops, and we will start to replace with ‘One week flat’ as they run out of stock – this process can take some time, so as long as the product you’ve picked up in store is within its best before date, please do not worry, you’ve got the product you need! Don't forget you can find your nearest stockist here.

Popular biotics

'For a flat stomach' or 'One week flat' is an all-time favourite and has always been one of the best-sellers amongst our range of supplements. (For a reminder of who we are and what we do, read our FAQ, What are OptiBac Probiotics?). 'For a flat stomach' is a favourite of natural health guru Janey Lee Grace, and has appeared in a number of magazines and journals, including Sunday People, Woman magazine, BloatingTips, Bella, Yoga magazine and more. (You can read about the products in the press here.) Or simply take a look at what others have had to say on the product page.

NB: sometime ago, before 'For a flat stomach', the supplement was known as AntiBloat.

For more information on recent product name changes you can read our article, New Product Names.

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