We’re on a roll! ’For travelling abroad’ is fast becoming the supplement equivalent of a movie star, with the amount of press mentions and accolades it is getting!

Last week, it was recommended in ‘Marie Claire’ magazine, and this week ‘Country Living’ magazine has picked up on its ‘celebrity’ status and all round fabulousness!

'For travelling abroad' is recommended in July's 'Country Living' magazine.

With a mention in the ‘Health notes’ page, which looks at natural ways to boost your wellbeing, the editor says

‘if you’re off to tropical climes this summer, help reduce your chances of developing travellers tummy by taking a live cultures supplement in the weeks before you go away and while you’re out there. Try OptiBac ‘For travelling abroad’.‘

We’re feeling very loved receiving all these lovely mentions, so it seems only fair to share some of that love back again, and say how much I enjoyed the July, edition of ‘Country Living’. If you’re looking to follow a healthy, holistic lifestyle you can’t beat getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreating to the peace and quiet of the countryside. Not only is the air cleaner, reducing our exposure to damaging air pollutants, but a slower pace of life with less stress is known to increase longevity and overall wellbeing.

Getting back to nature is good for your health!

This month the magazine gives lots of lovely ideas for long lazy picnics and barbeques. There is also an article about foraging, which gives tips on the best edible plants and berries to forage and the best places to find them, so that you can enjoy some of the best food ingredients that mother nature has to offer. With a little bit of know-how, foraging for food can reward you with ultra fresh, nutrient dense ingredients that don’t cost a penny. Not only that but foraging is also fun, and gets you out in the countryside breathing in all that clean air, and getting some exercise and hopefully sunshine at the same time. Well, all right, so we can’t exactly guarantee the sunshine in the UK, but that’s what we go abroad on our holidays for right?

Which brings me nicely back full circle to our amazing travel live cultures. Had I mentioned ‘For travelling abroad’ before……? Or the fact that ’Country Living’ magazine recommend that you take it before and during your holidays? Oh yes, so I had….

Happy Foraging!

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