None of the capsules in the OptiBac Probiotics range are enteric coated.

As a healthcare professional you may have heard that enteric coated capsules are more efficient because they are more capable of surviving the stomach acidity - a key factor in finding a high quality probiotic. The capsules in the OptiBac Probiotics range do not require enteric coating, as the probiotic strains themselves pass through many tests (as well as clinical trials) to ensure their survival until reaching the intestines where they are able to colonise and multiply. Instead of ensuring survivability of the capsules, we ensure survivability of the probiotics; for this reason the OptiBac Probiotics strains are viable in sachet form (for example as in 'For babies & children', 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' and 'One week flat') and the probiotic capsules can be opened and the contents sprinkled into food or drink for those unable to swallow capsules.

Enteric coating production often involves use of solvents such as alcohol, or heat for drying; both of which could decrease the viability of the bacteria. Furthermore, a small amount of people report that enteric-coated capsules are in fact too strong, and pass through the entire digestive tract without dissolving! For these reasons we concentrate on the survivability & quality of our probiotic strains rather than that of the capsule.

For further reading, see the article Our Probiotic Strains, or take a look at 'The Survival Myth'.