Our brand is a firm favourite with our Chinese consumers, and there is now a variety of ways in which they can buy our products.

Those who like to purchase from us direct will be pleased to know that we can still ship OptiBac products to China from our Online Shop, where consumers can pay using credit card or PayPal.
For details of our international shipping arrangements, see our Delivery FAQ.

But the good news is that we now have an exclusive distributor in China, who will be selling the products under the CanBest brand, making it even easier for our Chinese customers to purchase the products in China.

CanBest is an identical product range to OptiBac, but is especially targeted for the Chinese customer, and is one of the few live culture supplements available in China which has been legally registered and so it is legally free to sell. So our Chinese customers can now also buy directly from the CanBest website, or visit www.Taobao.com, the online marketplace for authorised Chinese re-sellers.

The name of our exclusive Chinese distributor is Shanghai Qisen Industrial Co., Ltd, and they can be contacted directly for queries about buying or re-selling our products, or general queries, such as verifying the authenticity of re-sellers.

See their contact details below:

Shanghai Qisen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Room 1108, Jiuxin Business Building, No. 90 Jiuxin Highway, Jiuting Town, Songjiang, Shanghai China
Tel: 86-13601751733.
Tel:021-67720525 Fax:021-67636538

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