An increasing number of websites are starting to stock our supplements online, so we’ve designed a badge to let their customers know we think they’re trustworthy. A trusted online retailer is an e-commerce website which we can depend on to sell our products safely and fairly. Each OptiBac 'Trusted Online Retailer' either sources their stock directly from us, or from a wholesaler who buys directly from us. This means we always have a close relationship with our trusted online retailers, and can see their continuing efforts to sell our products.

What does the badge look like?

The badge will look something like the example on the left, except it will feature the shop’s name, and their account number with us. When you see the badge, just make sure the name on the badge matches the website you’re buying from.

What if a website doesn’t have a badge?

We would normally suggest you buy from a website that has the badge. However if a website doesn’t have the OptiBac 'Trusted Online Retailer' badge, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not trustworthy. It is very possible that we may not have come across them yet, or that they simply haven’t uploaded the badge on to their site.

Still not sure?

If you’d like some more information about our trusted online retailers, or you would like advice about buying from a particular online shop, feel free to contact us.