Yoghurt has long been used around the world as a health food, and is a natural source of live cultures as well as providing protein, calcium and some B vitamins. As practitioners we like to recommend food as opposed to supplements wherever possible.

The large variety of yoghurts, and in some cases a lack of information about their specific species and strains of live cultures, can make it difficult to compare to OptiBac Probiotics in terms of their natural bacteria value. Assuming that you choose a yoghurt that contains sufficient beneficial live cultures, taking this yoghurt every day should have positive benefits on the digestive system.

Yoghurt can be a great source of live cultures

It is thought that the bacteria found in yoghurts are naturally transient, meaning that they pass through the body on a daily basis. The strains that we use at OptiBac Probiotics are tested to ensure they bind to and colonise the intestinal wall lining; meaning that they have a relatively long-lasting effect in the intestines, not only for healthy digestion but also for boosting immunity. Clinical evidence furthermore demonstrates that our strains survive the gastric acidity of the stomach and the bile salts, a factor which is vital for any high quality live cultures supplement.

Last but certainly not least, unlike yoghurts, OptiBac Probiotics are tailored to your specific needs. We use research and clinical studies to ensure that the most appropriate probiotic strains are used to target your personal needs, as to offer you the most relevant and effective choice.

Professionals can read up on clinical trials on our probiotics, or you may like to see 'The Food Myth'.

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