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‘Probiotics are useless’: True or false?

Posted 10th Sep 2018

Two recent studies conducted in Israel have people questioning the performance of probiotic drinks and supplements. Deemed ‘quite useless’ in the papers, you could say the results didn’t exactly...

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Is your gut bacteria the reason you can't lose weight?

Posted 3rd Aug 2018

We’re always interested in developments in gut health, so we were particularly intrigued to hear about a study published this month regarding gut bacteria and weight loss. According to the study...

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8 Ways To Get Your Kids To Take Their Probiotics Supplement

Posted 1st Apr 2018

Most parents know that getting their children to take anything they don't want to is a battle at the best of times. I can remember, when I was young, refusing to consume almost anything I didn't...

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The History of Probiotics

Posted 14th Nov 2017

Probiotics, as we know them, began their journey over a century ago when they were discovered by Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Elie Metchnikoff of the Pasteur Institute in Paris....

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Is it ok to take probiotics every day?

A common question in regards to probiotics is whether it is ok to take our probiotics every day. Whilst there may be a few exceptions to this rule, the general answer to that is, not only is it ...

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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics, like acidophilus, are microorganisms that are thought to be beneficial to the human host. The digestive tract is home to trillions of microorganisms. Some of these are good for us, s...

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Why consider probiotic supplements over yoghurts?

People have been taking live cultures for centuries, mostly in the form of fermented foods such as probiotic yoghurt. Yoghurt has long been used around the world as a health food and is a natural s...

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