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When it comes to our health and well-being, we all need a little support now and again. Most of the time we are rushed off our feet and want something to give us a helpful boost, and podcasts are the perfect solution. It’s a useful and informative platform that can be shared at any time of day, whether you’re cosy at home or on your daily commute to work.

So here is a list of 8 podcasts we’ve compiled that discuss the world of health, from the author's own history and knowledge. All of them are health experts in their own right, discussing everything from The Paleo Diet and Veganism to IBS and Vaginal Bacteria! There should be something for everyone to kick-start their day, so take a look and explore the insightful world of health podcasts.

The best go-to health podcasts looking at everything from food facts and exercise to skin and gut health.

1. Moxiecast

Listen if: you’re ready to disable your auto-pilot and be full of energy & inspiration!

Dr. Mandy Lehto shares some insights about how you can create a life of purpose and action. Her topics cover all aspects of life and ways of being more productive and confident in yourself. She injects a feel-good attitude into her podcasts, which help you to assess your own life, and show you how to take control and have a positive outlook. Her tone of voice is powerful and full of energy, giving all her listeners a boost.

We suggest this episode: Turn up the volume on your passions

2. Red Tent Sisters

Listen if: you want to know what can help woman’s health, naturally.

Kim & Amy Sedgwick created Red Tent Sisters to provide holistic solutions to women's fertility, sexuality and contraceptive dilemmas. They interview experts about a variety of reproductive and sexual health topics to bring women the best in holistic, eco-friendly solutions to their most pressing reproductive and sexual health concerns.

We suggest this episode: Vaginal Bacteria: The good, The Bad, and the Ugly

3. Digestion Detective

Listen if: you want to understand more about digestive health and be clear on bloating.

Sam Bearfoot is a UK Health Radio presenter, and in this podcast she shares her words of wisdom about the digestive system. Her work is backed by her years of clinical practice, alongside her own personal history of IBS. She talks honestly and provides an environment that cuts through the health industry jargon. She talks to health experts and well-being specialists to discuss current digestive products, services and issues today. Her lighthearted but informative speaking evokes a confidence in her listeners.

We suggest this episode: Professor Glenn Gibson – Probiotic & Prebiotic Research

4. The Fat Burning Man

Listen if:
you’re looking for a high protein diet with a natural approach to good food.

Abel James shares his knowledge on losing body fat and gaining muscle through ‘The Wild Diet’. His podcasts feature authors, chefs, doctors and health professionals sharing their knowledge about the benefits of a highly nutritious, high protein diet. He also has a food and drinks app called ‘Caveman Feast’ and two books about ‘The Wild Diet’. His philosophy focuses on the use of unprocessed meat from free-range, grass-fed, and humanely reared livestock, and eating protein-heavy, low carb and high fibre ‘real’ food. Focusing more on quality, not quantity, and the more natural, the better.

We suggest this episode: Mark Sission - The primal connection

5. Revolution Health Radio

Listen if: you want the scientific proof and not mainstream myths

Chris Kresser looks at health information based on scientifically-proven facts and discusses how to prevent and reverse disease naturally. Through his own personal health journey, he shares his findings from across the globe and explains in detail, what works and what doesn't. He interviews industry professionals to help raise important health topics, discussing important issues that are happening in modern society today.

We suggest this episode: Is a disrupted gut at the root of modern disease? – with Dr. Justin Sonnenburg

6. Bulletproof Radio

Listen if: you want all-round advice on how to be better at everything!

Dave Asprey describes himself as a biohacker, who has made his own body a personal laboratory, experimenting with his health and performance to improve his overall well-being and biological status. He has an honest and upfront approach and tackles subjects such as how to lose fat and get rid of cravings, the importance of eating healthy fats, how to change your sleep pattern, and what is important for your body.

We suggest this episode: Creating a healthy gut for beautiful skin – Dr. Trevor Cates

7. Balanced Bites

Listen if: you want to know more about the Paleo diet, including recipes & having a healthier lifestyle.

Diane Sanfilippo specialises in Paleo nutrition, blood sugar regulation and digestive health. She has written her own book ‘Practical Paleo’ which offers a customised approach to health and a whole-foods lifestyle. Her podcasts feature her knowledge about the Paleo diet and how everyday symptoms can be improved with this diet plan. As some of her clients are from red carpet Hollywood, its safe to say she has gained recognition for her health information.

We suggest this episode: All about digestion – Gut Microbiome, Antacids, Probiotics, Constipation & SIBO

8. The Infinite Monkey Cage

Listen if: you want to understand more about the gut and the microbiome - the key steps to learning about our immune system and its importance.

Brian Cox and Robin Ince return for a new series. Make sure you listen to this episode all about microbes. They ask, 'Are microbes the secret rulers of the world?' with guests Jon Copley, Monica Gray and comedian Ed Byrne. They discuss the importance of our immune systems and explain exactly what microbes are.

We suggest this episode: Microbes: Secret Rulers of the World?

We are dedicated to improving the world's knowledge about gut health, and we love to see these podcasts promoting the importance of gut health for general well-being. Our website has useful tips to help understand more about probiotics, and to find out even more have a look at our Myth Busters.

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