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A 5 billion live cultures supplement with B. lactis BB-12® and 4g of FOS, for a source of natural fibre.

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  • I've suffered with diarrhoea for years. I've had all sorts of tests but nothing found. GP suggested Fibogel but it's full of sweetener which would make it worse. The Pharmacy suggested Optibac and I can't believe the difference. I no longer spend so much time in the loo. Thank you so much. I can now get on with my life

  • Life change - constipation

    According to my case, I decided to share my story a little more detailed (still as short as possible, because I could fulfil few pages , haha). But for those who just want a short and straight review/answer - Yes, Optibac BB-12 works 100%, go for it!

    So let’s start from the beginning. Since I am aware of myself (12 years suppose), I can remember my problems with constipation. At that time, I had maybe 2 or 1 bowel movements per week. My stool was also more or less hard and dry. I have never had any problems with my "general" health, never being sick, never had consumed any of antibiotics, the only BIGGEST problem was always DIGESTION and SKIN problems (dermatitis, eczema) and later irregular period. My mother also has the same digestion problems, since she remembered. Because we get bacteria from our mother trough birth, it’s obviously I got her (no) diversity of bacteria responsible for digestion. Anyways, I was somehow struggling with that issue in my life. Years ago it was hard to discover anything, I was too young and not so much literature was available or research done. Let’s move on in my life and check past 2-3 years (I am 31 years old now - by the way). I was never eating unhealthy (i know people have different definition of this term) food in my life. But let’s say on my menu was always a lot of raw vegetables, fruit (healthy amounts, not too much sweet one), meat, healthy fats, fibers, little carbohydrates, no wheat.

    I think last 5 years I was researching very actively (on internet and everywhere else) what could be a reason or issues for my constipation, how can I heal myself…. I know my body very well, I can also listen to it what it says and how it behaves. Some more details about my lifestyle: In last 3 years my diet became very strict, because I was doing professionals fitness thing. But at that time, I thought, ohh I am already heavily constipated, so it can’t get worse…. But that is the thing which actually happened. Last year it was the most horrible year. I didn't know what to do anymore how to relieve my constipation. Also my hormones have been drastically changed because being constipated, and my body not functioning proper way. Juts giving you an example: can you imagine forest, jungle, without trees? No oxygen, no life, just area where forest is supposed to grow and be alive? That forest is my guts, they are there but dead, doing nothing they are made for. Digestive tract without bacteria which would push food forward and collaborate in extracting healthy things for my body…

    Every webpage which was checked about constipation, was mentioning just a lots of water, enough fibers, healthy food, which definitely didn't help for me, even natural or chemical laxatives barely helped. Prunes, fibers, etc. obviously made me even worse. Why? Because in my gut there was no mechanism (bacteria) to move and process anything. So I felt even worse, because this things were just bulking and rotting inside me. You don't want to know how horrible feeling in general this is, when food is stuck inside you. Physically and mentally!!!! But the interesting thing is, that all literature I was checking - with key word constipation, it wasn't mentioning gut flora, healthy bacteria. Even I am confused now, how the hell I didn't research that before??? It is so logical. Last few months I was thinking, hmmm, my gut flora has to be destroyed, because nothing is happening in my guts. No sound, no movement. And then it came MAGICAL day, when universe, destiny, god ( whatever you believe in) led me to PROBIOTICS. Immediately I knew - THIS IS IT! I really want to shorten my story, haha…

    Therefore my research of probiotic field started. How actually microbiota works, different types of probiotics and finally path led me to Optibac. I have to admit, immediately when I discovered all that, I went to buy probiotics which were the best in our market and available that day. Because I knew my gut flora is completely destroyed and the more good bacteria I get in my body the better. At the same time I have ordered Optibac online, because this Bifidobacterium BB-12, is which will help the most in my case. Already when taking other probiotics (1 week before Optibac), I could see changes, especially in my hormones and skin. And the first dosage of probiotics (first day) it made sound in my gut!!!! You know, I didn't hear my guts for 10 years probably moving or doing any sound?! That was the moment I started to smile and being happy cause I could hear sound and I definitely knew I am on the right track.

    But when starting to take BB12 (already taking them 10 days), there was enormous change in digestion. I have bowel movement EVERY day! Of course there is bloating and gases present (mostly first week), which is natural and a sign, your gut is alive and doing something good for your body! So people please, do not complain about unnecessary things in reviews, side effects, because you should be happy your gut is showing signs of life - your forest is alive, so appreciate that! Take a look over whole spectre of your situation, not just “bad” effects.

    I can’t even describe how HAPPY I am and how big change in my life this is for me, just believable but unbelievable =) Optibac team, I really admire your work, dedication, working on these wonderful bacteria with all your heart! Thank you for BB-12, which is not available by any other company (at least I didn’t find it). You made my life LIVELY again =) Will definitely try also another products of Optibac, which I do not even doubt they would work. It took me some time to write this review and share my story, but I really wanted to share at least basic parts, because I know how horrible my problem WAS. Maybe somebody can get some new idea, relate or find better solution for him/herself.

    Optibac will definitely be a healthy companion in my future life. Keep on doing the best job Optibac! Cheers :D

  • Good

    Prata di Pordenone
  • These have been a godsend to me. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. I also have stopped farting as much which is a nightmare especially whilst at work, they were most unpleasant. I take one first thing in the morning and one last thing at night and like I said, they have been a godsend. Thank you xx

  • Highly recommended. Just keeps things ticking along, so to speak.

  • It works. Keeps things regular, and I believe it's much better for your health than getting dependent on laxatives.

  • Did not see much help with my constipation. Not good.

  • Absolutely love this product! I suffer badly from IBS and constantly feel extremely bloated and constipated. I was told by my doctor to simply take laxatives regularly but I wanted something more natural and friendly for my body. Did some research and came across Optibac and after seeing the reviews, had to order some. I started off taking one in the morning and one before bed and after just one day, I felt so much better. After three days my bloating had gone down considerably and I was actually going to the toilet without needing a laxative...amazing! I now take one a day which is enough or if I've had a day of eating foods that I struggle to digest (wheat and dairy) then I take two. It's an incredible product and anyone in a similar situation should definitely consider these.

  • I have suffered delayed reaction food intolerances for circa 15 years and can have days in bed with headache and muscle pain. I have tried every kind of remedy and settled for a restricted diet and anti histamines. After a particularly bad week of pain with me unable to work out what I had done differently regarding food I chanced upon your product on special offer and have given it a go. I am pleased to say I feel better than I have done in years. I am still on a restricted diet but feel energised and clear headed. My anti histamine intake has reduced to none, my appetite has reduced which is a good thing since it may lead to much needed weight loss and I no longer need an afternoon sleep. At present I am on 2 doses a day. I even ate out a cafe which is something I rarely risk.

  • It's not helping at all with constipation.