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High quality, well-researched live cultures from OptiBac, for babies & children. This natural supplement contains L. acidophilus, with Bifidobacterium infantis & bifidum - the dominant cultures in healthy infants & kids. Contains no added sugar or flavourings.

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  • My son has eczema and I have been giving him for babies & children. I made the mistake of giving it for a month and then I stopped. It improved in the first month and it came back when I stopped. I started again and it started to clear up again. He has now been taking it for 6 months and I don't need to use any cream, and it has totally gone away. I'm so happy with the product and I recommend everyone uses it if their child has eczema.

  • An absolutely fantastic product that I can't recommend enough. My son has since birth suffered with constipation, but since starting optibac, we have noticed a significant improvement. As a bonus addition we've also noticed a massive reduction in the number of colds and general bouts of illness that he is gets. Thanks you optibac!

  • I can't recommend this product enough!! My daughter suffered from a dairy intolerance and after many tests, and paediatric appointments, we were recommended this by a friend. We saw an improvement shortly after taking optibac and she thankfully outgrew it by the age of one and can now eat anything she likes! My whole family is on Optibac including my 9 week old :)

  • This product is absolutely amazing. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3 . And then I started my research on how to help him. I found out about optibac probiotics. My boy was nonverbal, aggressive, having problems to focus and struggling with basic tasks. All over, we've been using optibac for 3 years and it’s really improved my son's language, he talks in sentences. I'm not sure how? But when we stop using the products, the language stops as well. Now at age 6, he loves learning and reading his books. No one who's reading his statement at age 3.8, can recognise that it’s the same boy. I do believe this product helps kids with autism

    Woodford Halse
  • Amazing. My daughter has struggled with wind and constipation since birth, and at 9 months we were recommended this after trying various products. Within two days of taking with her milk she could pass wind and stool without screaming in pain for hours. She also started sleeping through the night, which was a relief for two very exhausted parents. She's so much happier since we started to use this. She now only has it every couple of days but would recommend to anyone whose child is struggling with their tummy.

    Milton Keynes
  • I love this product!! My son really struggled with constipation, he wouldn't go every day and was in a lot of pain when he did.
    He'd been on laxatives and I found they either didn't help at all or went too far the other way. Since using For babies & children, he is much more regular and not in any pain at all. We have stopped using laxatives for him completely.
    Really pleased with this product, would definitely recommend!

  • I love this product!! I was recommended to try it by a friend. My son has really struggled with tummy troubles and was having to have a daily dose of lactolose to keep him comfortable. He would be in a lot of pain and wouldn't go to the toilet all day. Since using this daily he is much more comfortable and since we have been using this we do not have to use the lactolose. I thought it may have been a coincidence, and ran out of the sachets, and have had to use lactolose for the first time in a long time. It is now re-ordered and on a subscription! I am so happy to use good bacteria to help my son's digestive system rather than using medicine.

  • Hi There. I just wanted to write a cheery positive Thank You! I have been agonising over what might be wrong with my son's skin, was advised in a Natural Food shop to start him on the OptiBac probiotics and 6 weeks in I've noticed a massive difference in his skin. So, in a world where thanks isn't given enough, Thanks to your product!

    East Sussex
  • This product has completely cured my 9 week old baby from silent reflux, within 3 hours of having the first sachet she was a different baby!!! After weeks of struggling at every feed and having numerous medications from the paediatric gastroenterologist with no effect my baby is now happy and contented. It was an applied kinesiologist that recommended this product, who I took my baby to see as a last resort. I took her back to the consultant to show him what had worked and he said that ALL babies should be on this. This is my 3rd baby and I thought I was going insane as my previous two were very settled babies, this time has been a very traumatic experience, I am so grateful this product has been invented, please don't stop making it!

  • I would highly recommend this product, I've been giving it to my son since he was a baby due to him suffering from reflux it completely fixed the issues he had. I have kept him on this product.I've noticed he sleeps better and is hardly ever sick.
    I also work in child care and have recommend this product to many parents who have also come back to me with feedback of great success within months of using it. Many of the children suffered from very bad runny noses and consent colds, this product cleared the issues. Great product would highly recommend, it works!