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A high quality, good bacteria supplement with FOS, clinically trialled in infants and school-aged children.

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  • I cannot rate these probiotics highly enough. My daughter was suffering from repeat ear infections and colds that would last for weeks on end. She also had digestive problems and bowel issues. I’ve just ordered my third monthly pack and the changes are incredible.

    She has not had an ear infection since. Her colds barely last more than 48 hours and don’t progress beyond a slight runny nose and her bowels are incredibly healthy. She has multiple food allergies and intolerances and these probiotics help immensely when she has a flare up too. Previously she would be put on Omeprazole for a month and now she just has one or two bad nights.

    I’ve tried other probiotics but they are nowhere near as effective. These are the only ones that have worked for us.

    I loved the effect that much that me and my husband now take the Everyday extra strength too!

    I much prefer ordering directly through Optibac rather than Amazon too.

    Thank you Optibac. Our whole family are benefiting so much.

  • Absolutely amazing! My 2 yr old son has suffered from chronic ear infections since birth. Doctors would constantly throw antibiotics at us to no avail. We seemed to be back at our GP every 3 weeks if we were lucky!

    He has had 2 sets of grommets and his adenoids removed which did not help either. His ears were constantly inflamed and he was in agony.

    I started him on Optibac a few months ago, popping one in his glass of morning milk. To be honest, I didn't hold much hope but felt I had to try something. Anyway, we had our ENT checkup a few weeks ago and although one of his grommets has come out, his ears look perfect. No redness or inflammation. Our next appointment is in 6 months time as his consultant is happy not to replace the grommet with the current condition of his ears.

    Thank you so much Optibac. You have given my little boy a better quality of life. He is now a happy child, meaning he has a very happy Mummy & Daddy.

  • People think I work for Optibac as I’m constantly telling my friends with children how fantastic they are! Not only did it completely clear my daughters eczema up (she’d been given steroid cream, it was that bad) which has never returned since, it has cured many of my friends children’s complaints, including suspected colic and bad tummy’s. I now give my children them every time they’re ill, have vaccinations or just for an extra boost. I’ve also read elsewhere that health begins in the gut, so it’s vital that we keep our tummies as healthy as possible.

  • My 3 month old son had to be given IV and oral antibiotics. The antibiotic associated diarrhoea last several weeks after the antibiotics stopped. His stools were constantly runny and smelled bad.

    When he was admitted to hospital again to have the same treatment, I didn't want him having the diarrhoea. I decided to give my baby these after he was discharged and ensured they were given at least 2 hours apart from his oral antibiotics. His stools returned to normal baby poo (yaye) within one week and smelled more typical of baby poo! Never been so happy to see normal baby poo!!!!!

    He has been on them for one month now and only time will tell if there is any further improvements, but I'm very happy so far. I intend to keep him on them for the time being.

  • These seem to have really helped my 2 year old daughter who had 5 tummy bugs in a year and seemed to really struggle to get over them. Having taken the probiotics for babies and children for 5 months she hasn't had a tummy bug since (yet!) and seems really well in herself. I will definitely keep giving her them for some time!

  • An absolute gem! My son has struggled with constipation from a couple of weeks old, all the doctors would offer me was a mild laxative. I came across the OptiBac products and decided that I would give it a try - anything is better than giving a baby laxatives daily. In all honesty, I didn't have much faith, however I was so pleased to find that the daily use of the baby and children supplement helps massively! I am so glad I came across OptiBac and the customer service is second to none. I recommend the products to everyone who seems to be struggling with their children the way I was.

  • I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at OptiBac for the probiotics as we feel they have had a very positive effect on our twins. We have a five year old son who suffered with reflux, a floppy larynx, colic and what ultimately transpired to be a milk protein intolerance. Getting him through the first few years of life is one of the hardest things my husband and I have ever done.

    It therefore took us a long time to consider having another child and after a chance conversation with a friend who recommended OptiBac probiotics, we decided to purchase some for me to take whilst pregnant and then for the babies to continue with after their birth.

    The experiences of our son and twin girls could not be more different. They do not have colic, nor reflux. Their stomachs are not swollen and hard, they do not pull their knees up and cry in pain, and we do not have a "witching hour" where everything has built up and become too painful. The only difference is the probiotics. Neither my husband nor I can believe that we have made it to 12 weeks relatively unscathed!

    Thank you.

  • My son has eczema and I have been giving him for babies & children. I made the mistake of giving it for a month and then I stopped. It improved in the first month and it came back when I stopped. I started again and it started to clear up again. He has now been taking it for 6 months and I don't need to use any cream, and it has totally gone away. I'm so happy with the product and I recommend everyone uses it if their child has eczema.

  • An absolutely fantastic product that I can't recommend enough. My son has since birth suffered with constipation, but since starting optibac, we have noticed a significant improvement. As a bonus addition we've also noticed a massive reduction in the number of colds and general bouts of illness that he is gets. Thanks you optibac!

  • I can't recommend this product enough!! My daughter suffered from a dairy intolerance and after many tests, and paediatric appointments, we were recommended this by a friend. We saw an improvement shortly after taking optibac and she thankfully outgrew it by the age of one and can now eat anything she likes! My whole family is on Optibac including my 9 week old :)