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A high quality good bacteria supplement, with vitamin C which helps maintain normal immunity.

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  • Got these instead of my usual everyday Optibac probiotics as I had just gotten I cold. I swear they halved the time of the cold. I usually get a cold this time of year for at least a week, honestly usually longer due to working with the public. I did nothing else different only take these and it was gone in a few short days. I am so happy with these and going to continue with them for the winter.

  • Love this! Started taking this in January after my friend recommended it (she takes the general one for gut health). Haven't had a cold since, and that's unusual for me. Even in the heat wave friends were coming down with colds, but I was fine!

  • I agree with the other commenters. Please bring back the old formula. My immune system was more robust on the old formula, never getting any chest infections. Since the formula changed, several times I have detected the start of an infection. However increasing the dose of this and other supplements have prevented them from developing further. I therefore conclude that although this formula is effective it is less so.

    Newton Abbot
  • I fully endorse all the remarks about the formula being changed in the Daily Immune probiotics.....
    Unfortunately the he new one is no where near as strong as the old version....
    Please bring back the original version

    Thanks Stuart

  • Why have you changed the ingredients in the Optibac Vit C? I have taken this product for years and it as near to an IBS cure as I will hope to get. Why change it? It worked well now you seem to have lowered the vit c content and taken out ingredients that seemed to help my condition. Please change it back!!!!

  • I never expected to be writing this - but - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!
    Let me say at the outset, I am an Optibac fan. I take the Every Day Extra Strength, buy my husband Every Day, think that For Women is fantastic for sorting out thrush.
    I also thought that the previous incarnation of For Daily Immunity was brilliant. Once I discovered it, I went from always catching something nasty on a flight, to never catching anything. Great! I then took it every day along with Extra Strength and I think had one short cold in three to four years.
    Then you changed it :( :( :(
    I finished my supply of the old version and started the new version (following straight on) about seven/eight weeks ago. In that short time, since taking the new one, I have caught three - yes three!! - separate colds/respiratory viruses, one after the other, the third one lasting a good two weeks, and finally, insult to injury, a norovirus (stomach bug).
    All I can say, is that I want the old version back please!

  • I had struggled with sinus infections and a persistent cough since November 2017. When this product was relaunched after Christmas, I was keen to get some to help me get better quicker. I am nearly finished with my first month's supply now and will be continuing to take this product until the spring to keep me in tip-top condition. I highly recommend all Optibac products and this new one has been excellent for me so far. Well done Optibac!

    Dublin, Ireland
  • A friend kindly sent me some of these because I had the winter flu virus that everyone seems to be getting, and the research says that it reduces the time you have it for by about 3 days. I recovered more quickly than those around me, and I will definitely recommend it to others.

  • I'm just online to order 6 packs of For Immunity which I have been taking for 2 winters now. I have asthma and if I get a cold it can quickly turn to bronchitis and, worst of all, to pneumonia which takes ages to recover from.
    The last 2 winters I have no respiratory problems, maybe the odd snuffly nose which has been shortlived. I am so grateful to have this product and can strongly recommend it.

    West Sussex
  • I've been taking these for a few months now, and although I caught a cold recently, it was the shortest one I've ever had! I've also noticed a few grey hairs that are dark at the root - but not sure if these probiotics have anything to do with that(?)