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'For daily immunity' is a combination of an extremely well-researched live cultures strain, Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431®, and vitamin C to help you support a healthy immune system.

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  • I'm just online to order 6 packs of For Immunity which I have been taking for 2 winters now. I have asthma and if I get a cold it can quickly turn to bronchitis and, worst of all, to pneumonia which takes ages to recover from.
    The last 2 winters I have no respiratory problems, maybe the odd snuffly nose which has been shortlived. I am so grateful to have this product and can strongly recommend it.

    West Sussex
  • I've been taking these for a few months now, and although I caught a cold recently, it was the shortest one I've ever had! I've also noticed a few grey hairs that are dark at the root - but not sure if these probiotics have anything to do with that(?)

  • I've been taking For Daily Immunity every day since it was recommended by a pharmacist in London, it has been amazing for my irritable bowel, with very few flare ups. I can’t understand why doctors do not take more interest in probiotics and prescribe them. I've discussed it with my own GP who said that it is something they are hoping to review in the future. You will always have my support. Thank you, Sarah (76)

    Hartley Wintney
  • As someone who gets colds often I was sceptical about these actually working. Started using them a month ago and never felt better today is the first day I feel a bit under the weather. Definitly going to carry on using these!

  • I started taking one of these every day along with my usual 'For General Wellbeing' a few years ago at the onset of winter as was then working in the tourist industry and coming face to face with many people, often coughing and spluttering! Now retired. Last year my partner, came down with a bug and heavy cold and for 3 days of that was really laid low. Me? I was just fine! I put it down to 'For Daily Immunity'. I actually take them all year 'round with the other one and I agree with 'Anjum' above, also plenty of water, sleep and a good diet. I hadn't realised until several years back, just how important gut health was. I do now. Prevention is the key. Look after your health.

    St Ives
  • I have been using this product for three years, I have only had one flu type bug once in that time and NO COLDS. I used to have three or four bad colds leading to coughs every year.
    I remember reading ages ago that people are unaware how important gut health is.
    Well now I am and wouldn't be without my OptiBac product, Daily Immunity is worth
    every penny paid. Everybody who suffers a lot of colds and bugs should take this product.

  • My endochrinologist, while explaining the exact science to still be 'fuzzy' suggested I start using these, as a general boost to my immune system - struggling with insulin dependent diabetes. All I can say is that for 3 months now, while all around me suffer countless colds and sore throats - I for the most part of shrugged these off.

    I travel A LOT - all around Asia, and to the US and Europe less frequently - I am convinced I am generally more able to resist viral infection.

  • great product really helps with IBS

  • This year I took For daily immunity every day during the winter months, and can honestly say that I have not had a cold since I started on it! Quite the accomplishment when you consider that I live in a house with 5 other students who are constantly struggling with their immune systems. Next winter they'e all going to be taking advice from "Dr Anji" - I'll be prescribing my favourite remedies for everyone - enough sleep, more water, and For daily immunity

  • Having tried OptiBac Probiotics For daily immunity, I have to add my recommendation for this product. Since taking them, 2010 has been free from colds and viruses ...which I do normally succumb to! I rate these probiotics highly!